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Any Thinkwell users on right now?

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If you're using Thinkwell, do you remember what you paid?

I signed up two of my dc for Thinkwell about a month ago, and I seem to remember paying just under $90 each. Today I went to sign up my 3rd ds, and the rate was listed as $219! When I called Thinkwell, the operator told me that the rate had recently gone up for the homeschool version, but couldn't tell me about pricing because the sales rep. was out of the office.

Could it really be that Thinkwell raised their prices to more than double? :eek: Or am I just remembering the price wrong from before?


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You are remembering correctly!! They drastically raised the prices and i don't know why. Can't understand why such an increase for homeschoolers either. There was a guy named Mark Shrug who was over there and was helpful. You could try emailing him. At these current prices, I just don't see the value, frankly. The lectures are great on the cds though.




P.S. Just went to the site and the prices for Independent Learner are over a $100 cheaper.....Crazy.

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somewhere else. Unless they are going to change what they are offering in terms of support for homeschoolers, they will price themselves right out of the market. I can't imagine what they are thinking. I would think with things like hotmath and also the just buy the dvd/roms options that this pricing scheme would fail miserably.


Hope they see the light soon

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OMG the price difference between independent learner and homeschooler. I wonder what they are offering to homeschoolers that independent learners don't get.


If you are looking for PreCalculus or Calculus Holt still lists Thinkwell at just about 80.00



Of course you can kind of get the math videos through hotmath.com

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