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free anatomy website (games/material) for elem age


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This free web site is pretty neat (http://anatomyarcade.com/); it has a number of games that help kids memorize anatomy info.

     (I fixed the typo in the link)


Examples: Whack-a-bone in the skeletal section has 3 challenge levels within each of 3 body sections (arm, leg, torso) and then puts it together in a main section.  The easiest level guides you through placing a bone in the correct spot, while the hardest has you use a hammer to "whack" the correct bone without any "hints".  You have to progress through the levels (can't just jump to level 3).


The nervous system has jigsaw puzzles for the brain, eye, and a neuron.  An extra twist is that the pieces aren't all right side up...you have to rotate them, making it a bit more of a challenge to solve.


Some of the systems just have crossword puzzle or word search, but provide instructional videos your kids can watch before trying to tackle the crossword.

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Your link is just a little wonky...but people can find it if they just take off the ...has part. 


Thanks so much for sharing this....looks really neat!


Thanks for catching the typo...I fixed it in my original post.

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Just bumping in case anyone missed my new (separate) note earlier this week...due to funding issues, the anatomy arcade web site will only be around thru this coming MON, March 31st, so don't delay if you were thinking of trying it out.

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