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Due to finances, moving, time changes... whatever... we've never quite been able to keep up with Latin for my oldest child (he did LFC A&B, Wheelocks first half... but now we're in Italy, and he needs Italian...plus he's going to learn Russian...both at least have the same alphabet ;) ).  Anyhow, I want a solid vocabulary program that will be root-based.


I don't own Word within the Word, he never did the Magic Lens (he did use the Island, Town and Voyage levels to a degree).  


If you've used WwtW, can you tell me how you implemented it effectively?


Is there something else I should consider?



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This is copied from a post from December 2012:




Dd is currently on List 25. She started Word Within the Word late September of last year.


Her basic "schedule" for Lists 1-20 (at 21 it switches from roots to words):


Day 1--make flashcards

Day 2--sentences, go over flashcards

Day 3--mystery questions, flashcards, random review of past roots (I pull out 20-25 flashcards. For each she misses, she has to do two additional flashcards.)

Day 4--mystery spelling, classic words, flashcards

Day 5--analogies, notes, flashcards, random review

Day 6--review

Day 7--test


Now from List 21 forward:


Day 1--make flashcards

Day 2--flip-side test, practice with flashcards, short random review (10 roots, 5 words)

Day 3--mystery spelling, flashcards

Day 4--classic words, notes, flashcards, short random review

Day 5--review

Day 6--test


After a long break (Christmas, Easter) I make sure to schedule several review-only days. We reviewed from two weeks at the start of this school year.


*****comments from Dec 2013*******


I think we spent 15-30 minutes per day on Word Within the Word 1. Almost everything, except the tests, was done orally. She hadn't studied root-based vocabulary nor Latin previously to beginning WWtW 1.


We would have used WWtW 2 for this, her eighth grade year, but I outsourced English to www.BlueTentOnline.com to save my sanity

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It literally took me 2 or 3 months of processing, and reading Luckymama's, Matroyshka's, and Swimmermom's posts (maybe someone else I'm forgetting) to figure out how to use WWtW!   Then we just started, and it's going fine.  :lol:


We're doing it slowly, ~ 2 weeks per lesson, so there is a short vocab spurt every day.  Dd has 5 days to learn the stems on her own (so 6 per day). She makes flashcards, quizzes herself, I'm not even sure what all, she does this independently.  Then during week 2, we go through the exercises orally.  I pick and choose the activities we do, but we always do the analogies, mystery questions, and classic words.  Then we do the quiz orally, then she starts the whole thing over the next day with the next lesson.


What I dislike about this program - intensely - is that some things are in the student book but not the TM (just the answers, not the exercise) and some things are in the TM but not the student book, so it makes it klugey and awkward when going through it together (do you have this page? what's next in your book?).  I feel like it was an attempt to make having two books necessary, that serves RFP's pocketbook more than the utility of the program.  But we're making it work.

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