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A stressed out, overly nervous driver  is not a safe driver. You are doing them and every other driver on the road a great favor by not driving today.  You are doing exactly the right thing and should be proud of yourself to know your limits and to help them find an appropriate, safe  solution.  We all have things that we are good at and things that we are not.  If someone is a bad cook, it isn't going to hurt someone.  Driving can.  You are being more responsible to accept that driving is just not your thing, and can make it up to them by having a warm, stress free daughter and home for them to come home to.   Plus, seriously, if they have traveled that far already, a 4 mile drive in an American Taxi won't even be a speed bump in their day.  Easy Peasy. 


:hurray:  :hurray: Good job 

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