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LOE the second time around and advanced phonograms


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For those that have used LOE all the way through and have then gone back through the lessons with the advanced spelling lists...how did it go? Also............


Did you still do the lessons just as scripted or do something different? If so, please share your approach.


What about the advanced phonogram set of cards? Where and how did you work these in?


If you have yet to cycle back through, but plan on it, please share your plan.



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We are on list 23 of the Advanced Lists. On Mondays we review the rules and phonograms covered in the lesson very informally. I then dictate the 25 words on the list. That's the only time we really work together on it. On Tuesdays she rewrites the whole list with the cover-and-check method. A key part of this for her looking closely at the word and saying any say-to-spells or anything that will remind her of which phonogram to use. Then on Wednesday and Thursday she plays games on Spelling City and sometimes does a practice test. Friday she does a test (usually in spelling city, sometimes on paper.).


It's working really well for us so far this year!


Edited to add: I bought the advanced phonogram cards but haven't worked them in...maybe next year?

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