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Need to take a break from our awesome curriculum...unit study?

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Ok, so I'm a die-hard trivium fan, and I love all my curriculum choices.....BUT.....


Maybe it's the weather, or the fact that I'm working part time and running a co-op and planning a church picnic and planning an Easter Egg hunt and pregnant (could add in a few more there), but I'm bored to tears with the "what's next" approach I have with our schoolwork.  Really tired of another day, another lesson.  

Thinking about taking a month-long break from our curriculum and doing a unit study instead (with a heavy dose of unschooling)?   I'm just feeling so blah about the routine.  Advice?  I don't think this is burn-out--I have no desire to send my kids to school, I'm just needing a break from the routine.


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Unit studies can be a lot of work. Maybe look at an Intellego one that has all the web links. I can't see how old your kids are, but maybe you could do a thematic unit on chocolate - Teacher Created Resources has ones for each level (1-3, 3-5, 5-8). The intermediate one includes reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Chocolate Touch and doing a bunch of activities. They also have lit guids for those two books with lots more suggestions.

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I once knew a homeschool family who schooled semi-year-round. they did a 40 week schedule but planned their curriculum for 32 weeks, so slightly condensed, and did two 4-week-long unit studies/unschooling periods each year. it worked great for burnout. she didn't set dates, just took them as breaks when needed, so during february burnout or pregnancy doldrums or whatever.


prairie primer is pretty cool, or you could do a premade study, lots available online. alternatively, just pick a topic and run with it.

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I'd just read and maybe find an interest that the kids have and pursue that, with lots of outdoor time (if you are into that and the weather is ok).

Really unschool-y without any curriculum.


Was there a part of SOTW you particularly liked? You could cook some foods from that region of the world and check out some fiction that is set there.


But really, I'd just let it be interest-led. I'd even forgo math for a month if you think they'd be ok, and I always do math!

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