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Simply Spelling Questions


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I thought I had my 3rd grade LA all figured out, but Jessica's post on LA overkill has me thinking about Simply Spelling.


I'm thinking this would be a good way to combine copywork/dictation and spelling. I am currently using Natural Speller (just going through lists nothing fancy) and copywork/dictation that I come up with on my own (usually scrambling at the last minute...stressful).


So for LA in 3rd, I would be using WT1 and Simply Spelling...it sounds so organized and simple - I am seriously tempted (and of course wondering if it is really enough...but I will always be wondering that!)


So my questions...do I just start at the beginning of the program - even if it seems too easy. And does anyone have any opinions (good or bad) about the program?

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Hello Jennifer,


Yes, I do! I have many opinions on this program. I have used several spelling programs during our years of homeschooling. We used Spelling Power, Natural Spelling, lists from Beechick's books, and I've probably forgotten what else. I love Simply Spelling. It gets children away from simple lists and spelling out of context. I also like the fact that it is not "workbooky".


As far as where to start, I have the cdrom so it is grades 3-12. When you consider the cost, it is truly inexpensive for all those years. I would just put your child in their grade and if you see a need to adjust, you can. Remember, you are always in charge, not curriculum.


I guess I will give a pitch for Shoelace books while I am at it. I taught my daughters to read using Simply Phonics. It was wonderful. I do use Laurie's Simply English as well. It is similar to PLL however, a bit updated, and now the newer editions speak more to the child. We've used it off and on through the years. I say this, as we use R&S english, however, I do not want my youngers into something that intensive. So, we switch off and I feel it is a perfect mix and a motivating change for us all.


Yes, I wouldn't hesitate to go with Simply Spelling! It is so nice, also to print out a grade level..so easy. Laurie Hicks makes herself very available to people by email as well.


Hope something here I said helps......



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We use and love Simply Spelling as well. I posted about this already, but I've seen huge improvements in my dc's spelling since we began using Studied Dictation with Simply Spelling. I combine it with CW and find it a great fit; CW already has a day set aside for dictation. I just use the Simply Spelling passage instead.


The program is 3rd-12th and I find the passages to be a good fit for my advanced third grader. Just start at the beginning.

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This is what I was hoping to hear. I started out with Spelling Workout and quite after two lessons I think (that is how much I disliked it). I like the idea of Natural Speller but it takes a lot of work to implement it effectively.


Oh and now I am going to have to check out the other Shoelace books. I used 100 Easy Lessons to teach my daughter to read and loved it so I will most likely use the same for my son. I will eventually need something to teach beginning english (I started through FLL with my dd...it wasn't for us).


Thanks for the ringing endorsement and the referal to Shoelace :) It eases my mind!

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