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MFW: US history as a freshman?

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Hi Gals,


You MFW users have been such a blessing. Can I ask another question?:)


I just discovered a MFW coop in our general area that sounds great, but they are studying US history next year (my dd will be a freshman and just starting the program).  Do the levels get progressively more difficult? The coop also teaches lit/comp. I'm not sure how integrated into MFW those subjects are, but I imagine pretty intertwined. I guess I mainly wonder if the reading and composition level would be a big jump for an average (smart, but not super academic) kid.


The coop is a long drive and my dd's friend's are in another (local) coop, so I'm not even sure I could interest her. But they teach MFW/Lit./Comp./Math/Science/Life Skills/SAT prep. for only $500 a semester, meeting 2 days a week. Thanks for any input!! Blessings, Gina

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I wouldn't do that.


I know there are cases where a younger sib 9th grader might do ok with mom/dad teaching US1 to 9th grader and older sib.  But I really wouldn't jump into a co-op at 9th grade to do BJU 11th grade history and if the co-op is also using the Lit/comp in MFW from that same year...  uhmm.. no.


I think it would be a big jump up for most cases and most average to smart students.  Even with my oldest, first born "academic nerd" kid.. it would have been a lot for her in 9th grade to do US1.


I'd do the year of school you want to do and look at the more local co-op and do something with friends.



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I totally agree with the others that US1 is an 11th grade program.  That said, if it were me, I'd still look into it a bit.  The trade-offs of having to tone down the program vs. having my child be enthused to be in a group would depend on the child. 


I wouldn't worry too much about the composition or the Bible, as long as the student would get AHL and WHL later, but the amount of reading in history and American Lit would likely be too much for a "not super academic" 9th grader. 


I'd talk to the teacher about whether she'd be okay with your cutting down on some of the reading (to insure it wouldn't affect the other students), and I'd talk to your dd about how much a group would motivate her and have her look at a sample of the BJU history textbook (it's an 11th grade textbook).


This is all said from a mom whose 18-year-old is super-hard to motivate (academically) this year!


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