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So my DS6 is a curious little guy, and I'm sure he'd love to be able to Google the things he is curious about. But I'm not ready to teach him how to use a search engine and open him to the wide world of anything that can get past our family protection software.


So I was thinking about getting World Book installed on our computer. I found it online for only $40. (I tried to copy and paste the link, but this forum won't ever let me paste anything I've copied.)


I was thinking it would be nice to have a way that he could research things on his computer without actually being online. The CD is a 2013 edition of World Book, and claims to have articles "from Arab Spring to the Hunger Games, from Jack Black to Whitney Houston." So, now I'm worried that there will be STILL be crap on there I don't want him accessing, like Britney Spears videos or something.


Am I being paranoid? Does anyone have any experience with this or something similar?



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Unless you absolutely cannot store books, I'd buy some older hardcopies. It doesn't matter if you have broken sets if they overlap. My boys grew up with several broken but overlapping sets of older encyclopedias, and they were a very important part of their education. As we gradually acquired better sets, the older sets went into a pile they could cut the pictures out of for projects and notebooking assignments.


My boys READ encyclopedias. They took them to their room. They took them outside. They took them to friend's houses. The sets were already broken so I didn't need to worry.


I got mine at yards sales and library sales and online.


I have used CDs and do like them. But for little guys, if possible, hard copies are great, IF that is an option in this world that is becoming more and more mobile and busy and digital.

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I had the Britannica Student Library CD which now sells for $9.99.   Below  is the contents.  The  elementary encyclopedia portion should work for your child.


"Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia for young learners

Britannica Student Encyclpedia for middle-school students

275,000 Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus entries

130,000 Merriam-Webster Student Dictionary & Thesaurus entries

World Atlas"



 But for little guys, if possible, hard copies are great,


The problem my boys have with the hard copies are that the print is small. The problem I have with the hard copies is that my boys use them as building blocks because they are uniform in size.

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