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How did you do "low sugar" eating plan?


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I'm on Day 3 of really low sugar. Which is entirely new for me. I have mild arthritis in my lower back and I keep reading that sugar increases inflammation and arthritis pain.


Coincidentally or not I already feel better. Would it work that fast?


I normally eat tons of sugar so my body is probably loving this. I'm also vegetarian and instead of yogurt or milk, I use almond milk. I do eggs about every other day and some cheese.


I'm doing everything I can to eliminate or reduce sugar. Any tips for making it more fun/easier?


Does it really help you feel better or is this just a fluke for me?





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Guest submarines

I've been off sugar for almost 3 weeks now. I did it to lose weight this time, so I wasn't paying attention to any pain levels. Now as I read your post--yes! The joint pain in my hands is gone. Wow. That's really neat. :D

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I'm diabetic and when my blood sugars are in normal/good range my hands hurt less....I have carpal tunnel issues and arthritis also.....I count carbs and try to stay away from processed stuff......


I sound inane, I realize, but what is "counting carbs?" I've counted Weight Watchers points for years and actually lost a lot of weight that way. I still count points.


I'm also vegetarian. How many carb points do you goal yourself for each day?


Does anyone have no-sugar products that they love?


I definitely don't want to gain weight as I eliminate processed sugar.


Thanks for all of this including the book suggestion which I'm ordering right now!



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