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Spelling in 6th grade?

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My 6th grader has just started spelling again. She doesn't need to, and she's doing Worldly Wise and learning the spelling of those words as she goes anyway. But I was buying a spelling book for ds9 ('cause he needs to) and so I asked if she wanted spelling too - and she did. She's a words girl and likes things like that.


I think it really depends on the child and his/her needs. I think vocab like Worldly Wise or Vocab from Classical Roots may be more appropriate for some 6th graders.

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Mine keep going until they complete Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure 6. After that a few rule reminders is all they required. (The 7 and 8 books in that series are root based vocab, and redundant to DC who study derivatives in their Latin course.)


R&S spelling is independent until the words need called. The 6 book is a textbook, but aside from titling the page it doesn't really require more writing than a workbook. Simple, easy to use, and effective. It is also unabashedly Christian.

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