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Cross-posting from LD: What to do after Dancing Bears C?


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We just finished Dancing Bears C and the program worked well.  We are also 2 lessons from finishing Apples and Pears A.  Loved it also--it really worked.  What should I go to next?  My son is being evaluated for a range of cognitive functions right now (reading, processing, executive function) but I won't have the results for another month or so.  Tentative results show dyseidetic dyslexia and visual motor problems that make handwriting exhausting (and we are back in school so he is having to do a lot of writing each day) so we are taking a break before starting Apples and Pears B because it is so writing intensive.  However, I want to continue to work on reading.  


What program takes a similar morpheme based approach and develops multisyllable word strategies? Are there any programs similar to Apples and Pears without as much writing?  I am not convinced explicit syllable rules are going to work well for him.



Reading Pathways

Rewards Intermediate


High Noon Level 2


We are also beginning some at-home hacked vision therapy because he has problems with saccadic eye movements. 


Thank you!

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