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Experienced Alcumus users, please help...

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When it says a Quest has been assigned, how do you do the Quest? Several have come and expired, and we cannot figure out where to go, or what to click on, in order to do the Quest. The help info just says you will get badges and few XPs for doing them, but does not say what to click on to them either. Badges are good. We like badges around here.

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Well, according to my son, you have to complete whatever the quest tells you to do. For example, Broken Record requires you to break your previous record of correct answers in a row. Once you achieve this the quest will be complete.


To view your current or quests go to your user profile page in Alcumus and click either completed or current quests tab.

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Because none were completed, they seem to have just vanished, but nothing seemed clear like you describe about what to do. It gave a name of the quest as a group of letters in one case which did not seem to be any word I recognized. In another case it said to do some number of fraction problems, but fraction problems were not part of the current topic. Maybe next time this happens and if it is still not obvious we need to send an email question to them there or post on the community forums there.

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