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First Grade History recommendation for adopted non-readers

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I'm looking for recommendations for history for twins adopted from a foreign country. They will be 7 in a couple of months, but doing first grade history. They are average learners, speaking English well now, but are still decoding and not fluent readers yet.


We have a large family and my time for doing a lot of read alouds is very limited right now. I'm open to online/DVD learning too if it doesn't involve a lot of writing and textbook reading for them.


Despite having experience with history curriculums for our other children, I'm kind of going blank here.


Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

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I agree with SilverMoon.


I'd also try to get picture books that go along if you can, even if they can't make out the words they can look at the pictures. Also, maybe if you have a larger family one of the olders could help them with the picture books for a brief amount of time.

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