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Rightstart A-C to Abeka 4 to which conceptual math program?

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Hi, I homeschooled my 10 year old son RightStart for grades k-3 and he went to private school for 4th and they used ABeka 4 which spoon fed him algorithms. He will be homeschooled for 5th grade. I have taught RightStart level D and did not love it though some of it was very good but I'd rather switch to a different program like Math Mammoth or Singapore Math that we can continue on with.  Anyone have any advise? 

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My kiddo came home after doing A Beka K-2nd. I think taking the Singapore placement test first might better tell you where you need to supplement if you are considering Singapore (we love it). My son did okay but not splendidly on the placement test for level 3 after A Beka 2nd grade (I think he had about 80%). I looked at what he has missed, and it was stuff I knew he'd catch up on quickly; he did really well on the word problems and things I would consider difficult while missing some things he just hadn't been exposed to. We went into level 3 of Singapore for 3rd grade at home, and he was just fine (better than fine). If you are comfortable with conceptual math yourself and know how to teach it without a lot of help, another idea for synchronizing topics that he might know by algorithm but not conceptually is to use the IP books for whatever Singapore level would have taught the concepts (the IP reinforces the conceptual stuff really well). However, the IP does not have a lot of explanation for the teacher, so if you are not strong on improvising conceptually, I would stick with something that will help you on that front, like MM. The IP also has some harder problems than the same level textbook. I use the US Edition of Singapore Primary Mathematics, so I can't say how the Standards edition will differ.


My son had no trouble switching from A Beka to Singapore, but in his case, he would come home frustrated with the algorithms (esp. if a teacher misspoke from one day to the next while explaining steps), so I was feeding him the conceptual stuff at home anyway to patch him up. I also think 2 of his 3 teachers did at least touch on the concepts as well as the algorithms. Anyway, hopefully with his conceptual RS basis, your son will be able to sort it out readily.

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