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History of the Medieval World

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My family participates in an academic coop where high school and middle school classes are taught.   My sons LOVED Story of the World.  


World History is one of the classes being considered for our academic cooperative.  When will a teaching guide be available for this book?


Can anyone with experience with this book give me advice on using this with a group of 8 to 10 high school students?



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My kids and I read it outloud last year (kids ages then were 18, 12/13 and 9/10). They loved it. The would correct me on mis-pronunciations (we've listened to SOTW for quite a while). They would pore over the maps together and add in info.

I just purchased Hxof the Medieval World on CD for the kids. My youngest (just turned 11) is the one who initiates listening to it, almost every day. The now 19 yo is taking college classes and working, so he's not home much, but he isn't above stopping everything and listening to a section or two.


I think this would be a great class for high school students. Be advised, there is a HUGE amount of information in HOTMW. I'd break it down into an over view class, so that they have a grand sweeping understanding of the time.Or focus on 1 continent, or a specific religion. Just make 1 topic be the guide. Unless this is an academic class day type of program where you can assign reading, etc.

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Thank you for the reply.  HOTMW sounds like an excellent choice.  The students in our cooperative meet on Mondays as a group.  A syllabus is provided for all high school classes.  The students complete four hours of work during the other days of the week.  I am specifically concerned about a publication date for a teacher guide.  

I do not want to create 34 weeks of home work assignments.  

I am glad to know the cd's are available.


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