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7th Grade Planning

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It has taken me awhile this year, but I think I mostly have it together now.


We also just keep going with things, so we will transition when ready. For instance ds is starting pre a on Monday (combo of JA, LOF, and AOPS)


History and Literature: The History of the Ancient World with study guide (toned down a little for age)

                                      MP Online Classical Studies 1

                                      Lots of reading of quality books assigned as the year goes on.

                                      This is his favorite/advanced subject. Talking of the earlier accelerated students, my ds is strong              in some things, average in others, and slowly improving with spelling.


Latin and Greek:          MP online High School Form Latin

                                     not sure about Greek yet. Might continue Koine with Hey Andrew or Switch to Attic/Classical this   year. I will decide after I see how the 2 online courses go as this is our first time doing those.


Language Arts:            Rod and Staff Grammar 6

                                    Phonetic Zoo Level b

                                    Finish WWS1 move to WWS2 after Christmas I think. interspersed with IEW. We do 1 week of   WWS, then 2 weeks of IEW.


Logic:                          Art of Argument


Math:                            Finish Pre Algebra and start AOPS intro to Algebra around November I think.

                                     Khan Academy


Science:                       Yeah OMSI! Our local science museum has a great science course for MS


Geography:                   MP Geography 2


Memory:                      We are going to attempt MP's Horatius at the Bridge


Extras:                          Piano, Choir, Drama, Ballet, and Trapeze.


Programming:               Raspberry Pi, and something after the fall musical is OVER!


Wow! I haven't changed as much as I usually do over the summer.


We are going to do MP First Form Latin as they canceled the High School Form. I think we will do that next year and then move to the Lukion project for 8th.


Greek: He and his friend are going to teach themselves Classical Greek from the Galore Park book.


We are going to try Expository Writing 1 from the Well trained mind academy. I think we will take a year off from Grammar. With the Latin and Greek I think he will be ok.


We didn't finish Geography 1, I think we will get to Geography 2 in the spring time.

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I think I'm almost there!  DS will be going to a parochial school for 8th, so I am dropping science and history, of which he's had a lot, and focusing more on language arts. 


Here's what I have; there are still a few final decisions I have to make:


Logic: Fallacy detective, logic puzzles and possibly the Think Again course from Coursera


Math: Dolciani pre-algebra (he finished Saxon 7/6 last year and will be doing Dolciani Algebra next so I thought that made sense)


Spanish: Continue with So You Really Want to Learn Spanish, supplemented with Rosetta Stone


Language Arts:


     Writing: Writing Extraordinary Essays (downloaded free but not sure if we'll use or not; I have to look it over), Blackbird & Co. Intro to Comp. OR

                   Essentials in Writing (can't decide between these two--any help appreciated!)

     Spelling: Megawords (again, not sure if we'll use any formal spelling program, but this looks interesting)

     Vocabulary: Vocabulary Cartoons (he did extremely well with Yo, Millard Fillmore so I'm thinking this will work well)

     Grammar: Magic Lens (he's pretty strong in grammar so we'll do some relaxed review over the year)

     Literature: a few Garlic Press lit guides

     Reading: Comprehension Detective 2 (downloaded free but not sure if we'll use; have to look at it), Reading Comprehension Across the Genres OR

                     Reasoning & Reading 2--would love feedback on either of these programs; his comprehension can be weak)


Geography:  Simply Charlotte Mason Visit to... series.  Unfortunately I only have one year so I think we may do Europe and Middle East, but unsure on this.


Art: hoping to find an outside source for cartooning class as he's got talent in this area


Music: Guitar lessons


Also looking at some of the Connect the Thoughts electives, specifically: Information Right or Wrong, How to do Research and/or Animation.  Anyone have feedback on these?


May throw in some poetry, current events, life skills, philosophy, world religion (may tie in with the geography course)

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Since I am so close to figuring everything out I thought I would jump in :)


Math- Saxon 87


Grammar- Hake 7


Writing- finish WWS1 and then move to WWS2


Geography- North Star Geography  (taking the year off from history- will start Omnibus 1 next year), and some state history


Science- Apologia General


Logic- Art of Argument


Latin- First Form Latin


French- Galore Park So You Think You Want To Learn French


Vocab- Vocab from Classical Roots


Literature- this is the only thing i have left to figure out


Music- piano lessons, theater and voice


No plans for art this year




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I'm on the fence about a few things, but here's what I have planned for now.


Math- Teaching Textbooks 7 and finish Your Pet Store, from last year


Lang Arts- Literature and writing class, Phonetic Zoo level B, Easy Grammar 6


Science- Science Fusion Module B- Living Things (and two more modules that I haven't chosen yet)


Social Studies- Bob Jones World Studies 7


Visual Performing Arts - ballet, pottery class


Bible- *unsure*


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  • 9 months later...

This was the plan for 2014/2015.  It always amazes me how different plans and reality are.


Probably the thing I'm happiest about is swimming lessons. Last summer DD went on a boating trip with her Sunday School class and realized that she was being left out of the fun because she couldn't safely venture out into deeper water with her friends.  Gotta love her.  She didn't mind at all having lessons with 3 & 4 year olds. :)  She's advanced four levels and will probably continue lessons in the fall.


My soon to be 12yo is what I consider to be a late bloomer... always behind the average but always progressing.  I've wanted to participate in one of these threads but we never seem to quite fit the mold.  Do I post in the 6th grade or 7th grade thread?  Technically she will be the same age as a student in seventh grade though she'll be working at a lower level.  Oh, well.  I've decided to dive in here. :)


We will definitely be working on math through the summer so I'm not sure where we'll actually be when autumn rolls around.


Math - Rod & Staff 6  finished. Now 1/3 through R&S 7.

Grammar - Rod & Staff 6  finished

Spelling - a combination of LOE's essentials and their "high frequency words" lists.  Playing Animal Jam and Mindcraft have propelled her forward. ;)

                 still chugging along.

Composition - IEW B

Latin - Lively Latin Big Book 2  Finished LC I. One more lesson in Lively Latin BB 1.

Geography - continue Memoria Press Geography 1  3/4 finished

World History - Middle Ages.  We read from several encyclopedias along with SOTW.  Also MP's Famous Men of the Middle AgesStuck in ancients.  Using FMOR, FMOG, The Book of the Ancient World, k12's The Human Odyssey

American History - continue reading through Hakim's A History of US Finishing volume 2.  Combining with MP's The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic

MP's Christian Studiesfinished

Science - Rod & Staff 6 finished.  Finishing MP's The Book of Insects.


Finishing The Hobbit (MP Study)

Swimming lessons all year.



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Polly, great idea!  Our reality turned out shockingly different than our plans . . . . 


Ok, here is my updated, full & complete plan . . . . until something changes!  ;)


7th Grade Synopsis Syllabus


What We planned:

Math (1 hour), including summer

Finish PreAlgebra:


                Probability and Statistics

                Master Alcumus Pre-Algebra section

                Finish Zaccaro PSG & RWA


Do all this first before starting Algebra! Don’t rush.  Take the time it takes to solidly master the material. 

Algebra options – try in this order:

1.       AoPS Intro to Algebra

2.       Jacobs Elementary Algebra

3.       Crocodiles & Coconuts / Chuckles – the pricey option

4.       Foerster’s – good for scientific, problem solving applications, less proofy than AoPS but more challenging than Jacobs


What we did:

Jacobs Ch. 1-7

Spectrum Data Analysis & Probability

Edx Introduction to Algebra

EdX Introduction to Geometry

Started Crocodiles & Coconuts (to be continued)

Started CTC's Understanding Geometry (to be continued)

Working on Khan Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability for extra practice & review & Alcumus for challenge/problem solving


What we planned:

English (1 hour), starting in August

Spelling: once a week, using How To Teach Spelling

Grammar: Finish Grammar for Middle School, do Magic Lense 1, then Paragraphs for Middle School

Vocab: Word Within the word 1, plus vocab from LOTR & LAOW

Writing: Writing assignments from Big History/Big Science

·         Reports should be question- or problem-driven, with a thesis, rather than just informational

·         Work through all the different Writing Tasks (below)

Writing Lessons:

                W&R Chreia & Proverb

·         6-paragraph structured essay, closed form

                Lively Art of Writing

·         Developing a thesis

·         Writing an Essay

                W&R Refutation/Confirmation

·         Persuasive Essay

Paragraphs for Middle School

                Really focus on writing excellent paragraphs.  Assign one paragraph a week on a topic, and really tear it apart, make sure it is the best possible paragraph you can write


We dropped spelling, grammar, and vocab except for LAoW. Worked through all of LAoW and started Writing With a Thesis.  We did lots of essays in Big History, a few in literature.

We also did Grammar for Middle School (Kilgallon) - that sort of counts as grammar


Literature (1 hour), including summer (already in progress)

Fantasy Literature Study: The Cauldron of Story

Resources:  Coursera Fantasy & Science Fiction (first half)

Garlic Press Lit Guide – The Hobbit

Walch Guide - Shakespeare



Read alouds:

1.       The Sons of the Volsungs – Dorothy Hosford

2.       Smith of Wootton Major - Tolkein

3.       The Enchanted Castle – E Nesbit

4.       The Book of Dragons – E Nesbit

For Study:

5.       Grimm’s Fairy Tales

6.       Alice in Wonderland

7.       Through the Looking Glass

8.       Dracula

9.       Frankenstein

10.   Hawthorne

a.       The Birthmark

b.      Rappaccini’s Daughter

c.       Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment

d.      The Artist of the Beautiful

11.   Poe

a.       The Fall of the House of Usher

b.      The Tell-Tale Heart

c.       The Black Cat

d.      The Oval Portrait

e.      The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

f.        The Bells

g.       The Raven

h.      Annabel Lee

12.   Wells

a.       The Country of the Blind

b.      The Star

c.       The Invisible Man (MCT Lit Guide)

13.   The Hobbit (annotated book plus Garlic Press guide)

14.   The Fellowship of the Ring (LLLOTR)

15.   Macbeth  (Walch Guide plus Shakespeare Uncovered)

16.   The Two Towers (LLLOTR)

17.   Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

18.   The Return of the King (LLLOTR)


Poetry – Read, discuss & write, once a week

Rose, Where Did You Get That Red – writing modelled on great poems


This plan was a bust.  We did The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the RIng, but she really wasn't enjoying LOTR, so we dropped it.  We started on Movies as LIterature, and will continue, and read other things as interest dictated:

1.    Grimm’s Fairy Tales – selections

2.    Cupid & Psyche - Apuleus

3.    The Hobbit - J R R Tolkien

4.    The Fellowship of the Ring – J R R Tolkien

5.    Macbeth - Shakespeare

6.    Markheim – R L Stevenson

7.    Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – R L Stevenson

8.    The Invisible Man – HG Wells

9.    Shane – Jack Schaefer

10. The Friendly Persuasion – Jessamyn West

11. Arsenic and Old Lace – Joseph Kesselring

12. Romeo & Juliet – Shakespeare

13. Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare


Big History/Big Science (1-2hours)

Big Science:  Origins - The Big Bang, Stars, the Elements, Solar System and Earth, Life/Evolution

Big History: Early Humans, Agriculture & Civilization, Expansion and Interconnection, Acceleration, The Future

·         Big History Project investigations, writing assignments, and PBL assignments

·         Cornell Notes: notetaking from lectures (TC lectures on Solar System, A New History of Life)

·         Coursera classes: Emergence of Life, Origins

·         Living books list: reading, taking notes, outlining/rewriting from outline, topic reports

Geography & Drawing:  Mapping the World with Art


Big History project was awesome!!!  I have posted our reading list for the year elsewhere. We loved this, we're so glad we did it.  Highly recommended!!!


Metacognition (1/2 hour)

How to Lie with Statistics

Art of Argument


Coursera Learning How to Learn

A Mind for Numbers

Think: Why You Should Question Everything

Eyes Wide Open: Going Beyond the Environmental Headlines


Spanish (1/2 hour)

Finish GSWS

Easy Peasy Spanish online – 7th Grade

Easy Spanish Step-by-Step


Still working on all these


Interest-Led Studies (1 hour)

Filmmaking Class

Equine Science


The class was kind of a bust, because she never did the work to figure out how to upload and edit her videos to submit them.  But, she did write a screenplay and film the first half of it with a group of friends, and she is in the middle of writing a fantasy novel.  




Theater – 2 or 3 main stage productions

Horseback Riding – begin showing?


Played Tigger in Winnie the Pooh Christmas and The Elven Queen in The Hobbit

She works at the stable once a week and rides once a week. She'll work there some this summer, and do an intensive sleep-away advanced horse camp


Life Skills

Regular Exercise








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This is what I have planned for my 7th grader so far:


Math - Once he's done MEP 7 (soon) I want to have him do the chapter tests from Lial's BCM to make sure he knows it all, then we'll move on to MEP 8. <<Didn't do any BCM at all because it was all review.

Grammar - Our Mother Tongue or perhaps CTGE 7 <<He did CTGE 7 and hated it but I loved it.

Writing - outlines, compositions from outlines, lit. essays and various reports in other subjects <<He didn't write as many reports as I had in mind.

Spelling - R&S 7

Logic - Red Herring Mysteries and Perplexors

History - World Empires, World Missions, World Wars as a group with siblings <<Totally ditched this about halfway through the year; just too much coordinating!

Science - Exploring the History of Medicine, Exploring the World of Physics and The Ocean Book, plus some kits <<Nope, didn't do this either. He joined the rest of us for Science in the Beginning, which was technically too young for him, but it wasn't apparent until the second half of the book.


Plus Bible memory, art projects and piano lessons. I think that's it.


Good idea! Changes added above. My plans changed a lot over the course of the year. I think I should have made him stick with our original science plan but whatever.


Life skills oops. :D That's great.

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