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What are your 2nd grade plans?


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Can't believe my middle dc will be in 2nd next year!!! Didn't we just finish pre-K?!?




Math: Math in Focus and MEP (Life of Fred and Miquon only on Mathy Mondays)


Phonics/Reading: Finish ETC books 4, 7, and 8 and start reading through my semi-independent 2nd grade reading list


Spelling: Apples and Pears Book B


Grammar and Writing: Learning Language Through Literature Level 2 and Sentence Family


Handwriting: New American Cursive 1


History: Early American History by Beautiful Feet Books


Geography: Legends and Leagues book and workbook, Geography from A to Z, and Paddle to the Sea


Science: Sassafras Science Adventures: Zoology, Weather and Seasons using A Mind in the Light's plans, introducing Astronomy using Baltimore Curriculum Project's plans, Magnets and Simple Machines using Baltimore Curriculum Project's plans (I basically decided to rotate through as many science disciplines as I could each year instead of focusing on one or two things all year long. I plan on doing Sassafras all year and doing two week quick studies on the other topics before a new habitat/continent is covered in Sassafras.)


Art: Home Art Studio Grade 2 and Draw Write Now books


Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages


Extras: Lollipop Logic Book 3 and Mindbenders Warm-up for logic, Salsa Spanish for Spanish


And of course lots of good books during read aloud time!


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Thank you for posting. I hadn't heard of this company before. :)



Our plans are Rod & Staff for English, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, Music, and Health, MUS for math, SOTW volume 2 for history, R&S 2nd grade readers (without workbooks) for Bible, Blackbird & Co. lit guides for a variety of chapter books, and something...I don't know yet...for science.


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Thank you for posting. I hadn't heard of this company before. :)


We have been using the Primary level guides this year, and it is by far my son's favorite subject!  I am not usually a fan of lit guides, especially at such a young age, but they are so much fun - and my son loves reading the same book every day for a week (not a requirement, he just enjoys it).  It includes drawing pictures, discussion questions, sentence writing practice, and the end of the primary guides have a week's worth of discussion questions comparing the books and the various characters and a list of ideas for projects.  Contrary to pretty much every other lit guide I have seen or used, it helps develop a love of reading and of words.  And the book selections are almost always a hit!


The level one guides look like they are set up differently - no more drawing pictures - and they introduce paragraph writing, which I may just have my son dictate to me until he is ready for that skill, but I am going to try one and see how it goes.  It is still largely discussion based, which is what I aim for with literature.  If nothing else, the books they recommend at that level look like ones my son would enjoy and be able to read himself.

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I will have two second graders. One is working at a different level than the other. 



Math-Math Mammoth 2

Grammar-Rod & Staff 2


Spelling-All About Spelling 2

Reading-All About Reading 3

Handwriting-A Reason for Handwriting T

History, Literature, Bible, Geography-TOG Yr. 1 Unit 4, Yr. 2 Unit 1 & 2

Science-Noeo Biology

Art & Music-Harmony Art Medieval



Math-starting in Math Mammoth 1 and getting as far as he gets

Reading-All About Reading continue with Pre-Level and move on to Level 1

Handwriting-A Reason for Handwriting A and then on to T 


Spelling-All About Spelling 1

History, Literature, Bible, Geography-TOG Yr. 1 Unit 4, Year 2 Unit 1 & 2

Science-Noeo Biology

Art & Music-Harmony Art Medieval


We may also use a very Evan Moor wkbks, like Daily Word Problems, Geography, and Trait Writing, but I'm not sure. 


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LA: LLATL continuing through blue into red and finishing explode the code 4-6.

Math: continuing on with Singapore

Health: mom based

Science: Mr Q earth science and Evan Moor Daily Science

Social Studies: Adventures through America, Road Trio USA and Evan Moor Daily Geography

Art: continuing HAS and The Worlds Greatest Artists

Music: The Great Composers

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Thank you for this thread. I have seven curriculums to look into now that I've never heard of.


We will be doing :

MM 3 with Primary Challenge Math. I'd like to try beast but I can't find it used cheap enough.

WWE 2 with emphasis on letters to grandma

Pathway Readers 3 (3 days)

Spelling workout C (4 days)


With younger brother:

New American cursive 1 and 2 (3 days)

SoTW 2 (4 days)

Artistic Pursuits 1 and 2 (1 day)

A Child's Geography 1 (which covers earth science too) (4 days)

Probably just use the Encyclopedia for Astronomy

Typing Instructor for Kids (1 day)

Teaching Little Figures to Play (Piano 1 day)


I think I'm going to give him the year off of grammar. It's included enough in other things.

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Possibly Language Lessons through Literature- this looks awesome! or we may wait until next year (meaning 3rd grade).. This kid is my youngest of four that I homeschool...the baby. And he has been babied :laugh: ...I have LLATL Red (and MANY other LA programs) but, snoozefest.. I am sooo tired of them now! LOL. I need a change. I am also playing around with the idea that an "LA Progam" is not needed at this age...I don't think it is. We don't do spelling at this age either; phonics is sufficient.


Spanish- La Clase Divertida

Reading- various readers

Handwriting- Zaner Bloser Handwriting

Phonics- ETC online

Math- Dreambox

Kumon math workbooks with manipulatives, math games

Main lessons- Bible studies

various readalouds, SL, Aesop's, My Book House, etc.

we may try out some SOTW and see how he likes it..

Science- something I pull togther from our science library

Computer programming- apps

many iPad apps for supplementation in all subjects

Art w/ his sisters

swimming, some type of sports, whatever comes up...

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Math: Finish Rightstart B moving into C


Grammar: FLL2


Reading/Spelling: LOE Foundation level D (working on C now hoping to finish by the end of the summer)


History: CC memory work with SOTW read-alouds


Geography: CC memory work


Latin: Song School Latin


Science: CC memory work with experiments and videos mixed in


Extra: soccer and tumbling



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Dd will be 7.. Here goes:

Serl's Primary Language Lessons
Finish Noah Webster's Handbook of Reading
Great literature books
Poetry for Young People Series: Edna St. Vincent Millay and Robert Frost
Italic Handwriting
BFSU with NeoK12 and Bill Nye vids
Nature Study with Nature Connection
SOTW 1 with AG
Geography through SOTW and Geography Songs, Sheppard Software
Art with DS, who'll be in 6th (!)
The Easy Spanish Jr. K-3
Rosetta Stone Spanish HS Edition
Usborne Story of Music

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Most likely we will just continue everything we are doing now but skip the writing sections in Shurley and add in Winning with writing.


Math: CLE 300

English: Shurley 3

Handwriting: Abeka Cursive 2

Spelling: Spelling Workout C

Science: Abeka 4

History: Abeka 4

Writing: Winning with Writing 2

Reading: BJU 4

Bible: Lifepac 2

He will also be in Boy Scouts and we might add in some type of elective like art.

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Ok, I think I have finally finished planning.


Math: Favorite and strongest subject

  Spines will be Singapore Math 2a/d and GP Junior Maths 1

  Fun fridays will be: Miquon, LOF, and Froebel's Gifts

  We will probably keep doing reflex math as well.



  GP Junior History 1 (she will answer questions orally, not write them down at this stage)

  Lots of read alouds like D'auliers Greek Myths



  Outsourced to local children's science museum



  Keep going with Lollipop Logic



  Either Song School or Prima Latina. I will see which she takes to, and probably start after soccer season is over.


Language Arts/Writing:


  MCT Mud Trilogy

  GP Junior English 1 (she will answer questions orally, not write them down at this stage)

  Learning Language Through Literature 2, We will do the workbook with this year, and that she will do the copy work with.

  HWOT 2

  Reading aloud whenever we can.



  IEW: Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. Just continue level a, we are doing this super slow.









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We are going to pretty much continue to the next level of what we're currently using:



Singapore Primary math 2B and Intensive Practice1B, 2A

Reading Lessons through Literature (for spelling)

English Lessons through Literature Level2 (formerly Language Lessons through Literature)

Reading out of McGuffy


Everything else we pretty much do together:

Our 24 Family Ways devotional

SOTW Vol2 (may get to Vol3)

Outdoor Secrets & companion

Science studies are interest led - Earth and Astronomy probably

Artistic pursuits 

Hand sewing/crochet



Frontier Girls






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My 2nd grader is getting short shrift of my attention.  I hadn't even started planning for her until I saw this thread. Here goes version number 1:


English Language

- LOE Essentials

- Rhythm of Handwriting/copywork

- possibly Language Learning thru Literature??

- read alouds galore


Math: Singapore 2A/B


History: SOTW 3


Science: tagging along with older siblings in Biology studies


Fine Arts: flute, music theater, co-op choir


PE: climbing and gymnastics



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L.A. - finish A Reason for Handwriting B, then maybe move to cursive; k12reader spelling grade 2 lists; Easy Grammar; Bravewriter Arrow; nightly journal; lots of other great books


Math - Miquon and Beast Academy


Science - Young Scientists Club monthly kits with supplementary books; other interest-led learning


History - A Child's History of the World (got up to medieval times so far) with supplemental books; other interest-led learning


Logic - a variety of games and books, from Zoologic to No Stress Chess


Spanish - Rosetta Stone, some workbook stuff to supplement


Arts - art 2x/month, hopefully piano weekly, home projects like embroidery & cooking


P.E. - weekly P.E., 2x/week karate, occasional swim lessons & pool time as often as possible


ETA: Typing Pal

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LA: WWE 2, FFL 2, HWT 3rd Grade Cursive, McGuffey reader and other readers, whatever random readalouds I choose.

Math: MUS Beta

History: SOTW volume 2

Science: Noeo Biology level 1

Latin: Prima Latina

Bible: Reading/devotionals with Daddy in the evenings. 


Music, art, and gym will be taken care of at the co-op.

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I'm afraid to look at everyone's plans because it might make me want to switch everything around, BUT this is our first year homeschooling and for my 2nd grader we'll be doing:


Saxon 3
SoTW 1

McRuffy LA

WWE 1 or 2 (will evaluate and work through the later lessons in 1 over the summer to see if he's ready for 2)

Science - ???  We did an awesome human body unit study from homeschool share last summer, but maybe we'll start with apologia this year...I'm anticipating doing science academically 1x/week.

Covenantal Catechism (book 1)

Independent Reading assignments

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So I know I killed this thread with my last response a couple weeks ago, but I'm curious to hear what kind of book/reading lists you have compiled for your 2nd graders for independent reading.


My guy is a good reader, but would do nothing but Calvin & Hobbes if left completely to his own devices.

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UPDATED June 2014:


It is hard to believe my son will be 7 this summer....he's my oldest and I'm wistful about this already!

I've been pondering second grade for us. So far it is looking like-

Reading: OPGTR and ETC (continuation of this year) plus lots of early readers; I purchased a bunch of them that are all focused on American historical figures and events, so that'll get 2 birds with 1 stone!


I had not planned to do spelling or grammar, but I'm going to dip my toe in and plan to try R&S Spelling 2 and R&S English 2 and see how they go!  


We'll read through literature and narrate it--Wind in the Willows, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and one other book I've not yet chosen. 

Math: my beloved Miquon. Life of Fred on the side, when I can take it. Ha.

Handwriting: up until now we've simply done copywork but I may try HWT to make sure I am covering this properly...my ds has good handwriting already so I'm not too concerned

American history: I'm going to cobble this together. Our CC cycle next year is American-history-centric so that's why I decided to parlay that into our homeschool. I never do this with CC so it will be interesting to see how it goes. Using the easy readers I purchased from Amazon (see above)! That will be sufficient.

World history: we read through CHOW, illustrate an index card per chapter, and listen to SOTW (I just let it play in the car or at quiet time...no 'schedule'). 

Literature: poetry (I have scads), books from our own home library and the AO lists.

Geography: we study a culture every few weeks. Library books, food, etc. I picked Thailand first (food!!!) but will let my son pick the next country. my son is already obsessed with maps so I don't do anything formal...he knows plenty already and continues to self-teach. We will read another holling c holling book because we loved paddle to the sea this year!  I purchased a book on map-reading skills so we'll delve into that a bit. 

I informally teach Bible, hymns, and Scripture memorization. No curricula.

Science: delta nutshell kits when I feel like it, library books, and most importantly of all--nature walks and nature journal.  I have also just purchased a couple of Usborne books that I'll use for science readings and experiments. 


Just for fun I bought a R&S health book.  


I'm going to ask my husband to read through a character-oriented book a couple of nights a week. 

We don't do spelling, grammar or foreign languages yet.

CC is a supplement to our week. I do not use it as a spine.

My son takes an art lesson once a week from a wonderful local artist, and he'll start piano lessons in the fall--I hope that goes alright! Eek. 

Okay, I think that's it!  That seems like a lot......

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JodiSue I check lists from Sonlight, AO, The read aloud handbook to get ideas for reading lists. Current faves are Milne and Beatrix Potter.


Although Calvin and Hobbes has many merits as well....my son can't read them independently yet but he LOVES them. I think he may learn to read just so he can read them!

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Language Arts: Finish FLL 2 and start FLL 3, AAS 3 and 4, WWE 2, memorize poetry using Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization


Math: RS C, Singapore CWP 1, and Dreambox


History: SOTW volume 3


Science: Science in the Beginning


PE: Basketball and softball


Music: continue Suzuki and Irish violin lessons/performances


She will complement the above with Classical Conversations memory work/activities

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I have two kids who are floating around somewhere between first and second grade academically.  So here is what our year will look like....




Before Lunch:


Help Mommy with their Silly Baby Brother who will soon be walking!----Remember...the Baby IS the lesson! 



Leading Little Ones to God (in the summer) then,

Bible Study for All Ages

Seeds Family Worship for memory verses



Finish up AAR 2 and start AAR 3



Quick run through RightStart B (in the summer) then,

Singapore 2A and 2B

Reflex Math



A Reason for Handwriting Transition workbook



Dictate 2-3 sentences per day as a warm up to spelling



AAS Level 1



We read lots of fun books most pulled from the Sonlight read aloud lists.  We also add in a couple of personal favorites here and there. 


Copywork / Narration (Alternated)

-My own copywork made up using the suggestions from the WWE book for level 1 students

-Narration  (Each day they narrate back to me 'one thing they remember' from their read aloud-- again using the WWE book for level 1 students)



Finish up last couple lessons from First Langauge Lessons 1, then First Language Lessons 2


Possible Writing

I'm CONSIDERING adding:"No More I'm Done!" schedule to our week --but I don't know if my son would be able to do this yet.


After lunch:


Memory Work:

Timeline cards and song from Classical Conversation for ancient history

Various memory sentences for science from Classical Conversations as it relates to Biolgoy

Bible Memory from seeds family worship and Bible Study for all ages CD

Language Arts memory aspects from FLL (poems, definitions, etc.)


History:  (2X per week)

Story of the World 1

Book Basket Time:  We like to read lots of picture books on our history topics!


Science: (2X per week)

Elemental Science Classic Series Biology

Book Basket Time:  We like to read lots of picture books on our science topics


Geography: (1X per week)

Visits to North America


Once a week:

Gym class for homeschoolers

Gymnastics on Saturdays


Once a Month Things:

We do the following things once per month with our local homeschool group.  (love you ladies!!) 

1)  Nature Study using the Outdoor Secrets curriculum.

2)  Art Apprecation using my own plans.  (Visit our local museum to look at a particualr artist or style then get together to do an art project in that style.)

3)  Composer study using the Harmony Fine Arts plans for grade 1

4)  Characters with Character  (a club where various character traits are explored through children's literature.)

5)  Buckeye Explorers ( a club that explores Ohio History through field trips and the book B is for Buckeye as inspiration) 

6)  Friday Social Club



Goodness.  Now that I have typed that out is seems like a lot!  Really it doesn't feel like that much.  I think it just looks long when you type out everything little thing.  

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This summer :

Saxon Math 2

Saxon Phonics 2

PreScripts Words:Math Terms

Veritas Press 1st grade literature books

Nancy Larson science as a family

SOTW 2 and 4 audios

RS4Kids Astronomy and Physics

CLPClass Nature Reader1

Memorize poetry, character traits,and catechism songs



Saxon Math

Susan C Anthony spelling



Veritas Press 2nd grade literature

My Body Book

RS4KIDS Chemistry

Children's Illustrated Bible

SOTW 3 and Pages of History 2

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I forgot to say that chemistry and Pages of History are for the spring. We don't do the experiments for RS4KIDS. He just reads them.


In the summer he does the worksheets in math and during the school year we do the meeting and he works on math facts and games.

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We're continuing on with MFW's Adventures in US History and adding in:



New American Cursive



WWE and/or Jot It Down/Bravewriter

And this: 61tVEweMs6L._SY100_.jpg -- Pleasantly surprised by "Writing & Art Go Hand in Hand" by Diane Bonica -- especially the 12 poetic techniques and fun art activities (K-2)


Spelling: Rod & Staff 2

Math: CLE 2

Science: Considering God's Creation

Art: Artistic Pursuits & Hodgepodge Chalk Pastels

Music: Piano lessons



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This is what we did for second grade this year:


Grammar:  Seton English

Latin:  Prima Latina

Math: Right Start B/C and Miquon

Reading: Catholic National Reader plus started reading chapter books

History:  Continued on with American History Stories II (Mara Pratt) along with picture books about the Revolutionary War,  Book of Indians by Holling C. Holling

Science:  Nature Study (meadows, glaciers, ordered caterpillars and ants for an ant farm)

Spelling:  Spelling Workout B (epic fail), switched to studied dictation 

Phonics:  Continued with ETC

Classical Studies:  Started learning about Ancient Greece, Aesops Fables, D' Aulaire's Greek Myths

Handwriting:  Seton Handwriting

Religion:  First Communion Catechism, Neumann Press books, Tomie Di Paola's Bible Stories



It was a really fun year!

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We're continuing with everything from this year, which is such a relief. DS hasn't hated anything and started to enjoy everything but handwriting. 




Language Arts - WWE, FFL, OPGTR, AAS, Italics


Math - Singapore & Saxon


History/Geography - SOTW


Plus Classical Conversations

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Let's see, DS7 will be doing:


Reading: finish OPGTR, move on to beginning chapter books

Math: MM grade 2

Handwriting: HWOT 3

Grammar: FLL 2

Writing: finish WWE 1, go on to WWE 2

Spelling: finish AAS 2, g on to AAS 3

History: SOTW 3

Science: whatever I end up deciding to for chemistry

Art/Music: ?

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I've been thinking about my oldest ds's plan for next year I haven't really nailed down my 2nd grader's.


But I am starting to have a pretty good idea:


Language Arts: we'll continue OPGTR and Spalding (WRTR) throughout this summer, and likely in the Fall. Just until we are finished, and use them as review resources next year once we are completed with them. I'll have him continue practice reading aloud each day. He likes workbooks, so I'll also let him continue with SWO and Plaid Phonics, if he likes. He already does those on his own, and I have to admit they are great handwriting/spelling practice. And he enjoys the independence of doing as many pages as he likes whenever he wants. I'd like to start him in Sequential Spelling once we get to a satisfying point in WRTR. 


He finished half of WWE1 this year, but I set it aside to focus more on his phonics/spelling. I felt WWE level copywork was a distraction from some reading issues we were having this year, and that WWE2 may be too difficult. I would like to continue with it next year, moving into WWE2, depending on his reading ability.  Continue with Bravewriter as a family (he's not really ready for Freewrites or Arrows, so Bravewriter for him means Lifestyle, fun projects, and memory work.)


I'm thinking about introducing cursive (HWOT). I may also have both my oldest kiddos in Lively Latin (not sure on this one), and start my 2nd grader playing around and learning the Roots cards. (English From The Roots Up). We have become bored with FLL1, but I think I would like him to continue into FLL2, it seems meatier.


No lit studies exactly....just reading aloud as many good books throughout the year as possible, I think.


Math: This is where I'm not entirely sure. Definitely continue with Miquon (Blue and Green). He's finishing up MM1 and I could just place him in MM2 (may be too easy for him, but I already have it, so that's the easiest route), OR try SM ( not sure how to place him) OR MIF (not sure I like that program). I've been researching Math On The Level. I certainly have plenty of math activity books and living books here I could pull from. I've looked at Saxon 2, but I don't think it would be a good fit for him.


Science: RSO Earth and nature study. Easy.


History: I'm thinking about cycling my oldest back in Ancients/Middle Ages (combined rather than two whole years), so I'll do the same with my 2nd grader. Using History Odyssey/SOTW. And K12/History Odyssey with my oldest. 


Fine Art: Same as always!!! Drawing With Children, art/composer study, either some HFA or self-directed. Slightly thinking about trying another level of Artistic Pursuits...just to be sure. I didn't like the first book, but maybe some others are different? I never worry about art...it gets done here regardless of what I plan.



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I really only "plan" English and math, and that is subject to change. We are very interest led overall.


LA: Logic of English Foundations C,D, and E/F if they are out early next year. Otherwise we will move to Essentials when we finish the available levels.


Math: we do a mixture of MEP, Singapore, Khan academy and Life of Fred. We will be somewhere in the 2 or 3 levels in the fall for both MEP and SM, depends what happens over the summer.


Oh, we do have PE, a homeschool swim & gym class at the Y.

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History: MOH 2 with read alouds and independent go-along books

Science: Finish 106 Days of Creation/Considering God's Creation...I'm not sure what we'll be doing after that

Math: MUS Beta

Language Arts: MCP B?, Cheerful Cursive, McGuffey Readers, independent reading and narration, Word Ladders Grades 2-3 (from Scholastic), join in on Bravewriter activities with older siblings

Character: Laying Down the Rails for Children

Fine Arts: Hymns (My First Hymnal from CPH), nature walks, scripture memory, poetry (mini-unit on Robert Browning), Handel for our composer study, and picture studies (mini-unit on Giotto)

Piano lessons, homeschool co-op


For Literature, we'll probably finish up CS Lewis books, but I'm not sure where we'll go from there yet.  I'm not sure about a foreign language yet. I also haven't yet decided on a Bible study yet.  For Handicrafts we'll be working on chores and Draw Squad or Mona Brook's book (I have both books).  



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Guest Rallycap

It's really helpful to see what others are doing. 


Math: Math Mammoth 2nd Grade, Khan Academy

Reading: Robinson Curriculum 2nd grade book list with study of vocabulary from those books

Writing: WWE Level 2

History: SOTW 1


We do a Classical Catholic Memory Co-Op as well which incorporates geography, history and science.


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I had a slightly different plan a few months ago, but I'm hoping this is closer to how things will go down next year. We school year-round to enjoy shorter school days (and it’s the only way I can homeschool my DD with 2 non-schooled littles). Still on the fence about adding latin and poetry memorization, but right now it seems like a good idea.


Math: MM2+RS games [4x/week] & Miquon+Dreambox [Fridays]

Language Arts: LOE Essentials [Daily], English Language Through Literature 2 [2x/week]

History: Finishing SOTW1 + Classical House of Learning Literature [3x/week] and begin Road Trip USA in January ’15

Geography: United States (Cycle 3 CC Geography) [1x/week new material + daily review]

Latin: Prima Latina [2x/week]

Science: Mr. Q Life Science [2x/week] + BFSU with dad on Saturdays

Scripture: Telling God’s Story Y1 [2x/week]

Music: Piano [Daily] + composer study [2x/month]

Art: Home Art Studio [1x/week]

Memory work: Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization, Scripture, and the CC Timeline [Daily review]


Wow. Seeing it all written out there is a little intimidating after our very relaxed 1st grade year.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finish MFW first phonics (I'd like to say we will be done, but maybe not)

Horizons 2

Scribbles handwriting

CC foundations

Shurley grammar 2


Together as a family:

HITW hands on

US history read a louds & SOTW

art (undecided)

School song latin

composer study

Apologia Anatomy/chemistry (with another family)






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LA:  Growing with Grammar 2, Soaring with Spelling and Vocab 2.  Stuck on what to do for literature, maybe just some lapbooks/unit studies on a few books.  Alternatively I might scrap GWG, etc., and go back to FLL with her (she is my third child and I haven't used it since the first child).


History:  History Odyssey level 1, Middle ages


Math:  LOF starting with Cats plus either Singapore 2 or switch to Teaching Textbooks 3.  I have 4 kids and mommy teaching time is a premium here.  TT would gain me some time but I feel Singapore is stronger.


Science:  Finish Sassafras Anatomy from this year, continue BFSU interspersed.  Might do RS4K pre levels (they call it something else now; I have older books) if she shows interest.


Handwriting:  Just copywork from other subjects.


PE:  Gymnastics and homeschool PE class once a week (rotates through sports). 


She will have a Spanish class on site at her charter plus some fun/unit studies stuff if we decide to do those. 

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Math: MUS Alpha


LA:  BJU press English 2


History:  SOTW 2


Science:  Mr Q Life Science


Music: He will continue to get music lessons from Dad (music teacher)


Spelling:  I have no idea yet


Reading:  I also don't know what we will be using here either.



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Here's our plan...


KONOS Vol 1 with 3rd grader and preschooler (when he's interested). 


Cursive Handwriting


Planning to explore BJU English as I like what I've heard about alternating writing and grammar but if that doesn't fly after viewing materials at convention, we'll stick with FLL 1 and WWE 1/2 (already doing 1)


Math U See Beta/Gamma (already several lessons in on Beta)  When she hits Gamma I may incorporate or even switch to Teaching Textbooks.


Will get some Creative Movement, Etiquette, Literature, Chorus, Sign Language and Mandarin Chinese (for real!) weekly at our homeschool co-op though these are broken into semesters so not all on the same day.


Tae Kwon Do and American Heritage Girls

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First Major Edit



English Language

- LOE Essentials

- Rhythm of Handwriting/copywork

- possibly Language Learning thru Literature BWL with selected monthly writing projects

- read alouds galore


Math: Singapore 2A/B 3A/B (this was a type-o)


History: SOTW 2 1, timeline work, State Studies


Science: tagging along with older siblings in Biology studies State Studies (natural history), interest-drive projects


Fine Arts: flute, music theater, co-op choir, art class


PE: climbing and gymnastics

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I love that I posted my plans on page 1, and since then have totally changed my plans.  LOL. 


- Math - SM3 + CWP


- English Writing - copywork/narration and BW Freewrites for first semester, W&R Fable + Freewrites second semester, MCT Island

- English Grammar - MCT Island, Drawing Sentences

- English Lit/Reading - McGuffey 3rd Reader, classic children's books to read aloud and for independent reading, BW/MCT poetry teas


- French LA (bilingual family) - Dictation 1st semester/studied dictation 2nd semester, homemade grammar (conjugation + noun group agreement), reading with dh, 1 paragraph taken through revision process ever 2 weeks


- History - SOTW 3 (very casual), timeline memory work


- Science - BFSU, nature study, documentaries


- Art - Drawing Textbook (vintage), Art study with SCM portfolios


- Extra-Curricular - violin, judo, hopefully swimming



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Me too! Hah!!



I love that I posted my plans on page 1, and since then have totally changed my plans.  LOL. 


- Math - SM3 + CWP


- English Writing - copywork/narration and BW Freewrites for first semester, W&R Fable + Freewrites second semester, MCT Island

- English Grammar - MCT Island, Drawing Sentences

- English Lit/Reading - McGuffey 3rd Reader, classic children's books to read aloud and for independent reading, BW/MCT poetry teas


- French LA (bilingual family) - Dictation 1st semester/studied dictation 2nd semester, homemade grammar (conjugation + noun group agreement), reading with dh, 1 paragraph taken through revision process ever 2 weeks


- History - SOTW 3 (very casual), timeline memory work


- Science - BFSU, nature study, documentaries


- Art - Drawing Textbook (vintage), Art study with SCM portfolios


- Extra-Curricular - violin, judo, hopefully swimming


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I'm relaxing a huge amount for second grade and looking forward to it.  This child doesn't like work that she doesn't initiate herself, but she's very intelligent and creative and is always working on something.  So we're trying a "moderate unschooling" approach.  (I made that up.)  Not much of this will be absolutely required, except math.  We learn all year long, so she's starting "second grade" in a couple of weeks.  And she's very excited about that!  :)


Language Arts:  

  • EtC 5
  • writing letters to her pen pal
  • encouraging free writing (she has such good stories in her head; I'd like to help her get them down on paper more often, without crushing her love for storytelling)
  • McDougal Littell Spelling (from the 80s - I loved these as a kid) for when I see a need in her writing.  I have several levels, so I was planning on using whichever lesson applies to the word she's having trouble with.
  • I have a few Grammar Tales ebooks that I'm hoping she becomes interested in.
  • if she's wanting to write something, that is going to take precedence over any other "school work" this year.  She's a good writer, but I kind of squashed that love in Kindergarten. :(
  • Reading, reading, and reading some more - independently and as read alouds.  I have a book list that I've created with quality books sorted by reading level.  She gets to pick the book.  She can't get enough of reading, so this is easy!  It'll be the main part of our day.


  • Math Mammoth - finish up 2A and move on to 2B
  • Khan Academy, Sumdog, and Life of Fred - when requested
  • games, puzzles, etc.


  • We'll continue our very simple, interest-led approach that we started a couple of months ago.  I make note of her questions and interests, help her find documentaries and books about the topic; and we read, watch, and discuss.  :)
  • She likes doing these and these.
  • Magic School Bus episodes and chapter books.


  • We'll continue reading through Story of the World 1 and try out Gombrich's A Little History of the World.  If we don't like that, we'll just start SotW 2.
  • Read, read, read!  What ever she's interested in.
  • playing geography games and staring at maps.  :)  We do that a lot.


  • piano lessons with Dad
  • she comes up with her own projects often and she likes her Scott Foresman Art book
  • one or all of these:  choir, dance, sculpting class
  • We come up with our own Artist and Musician of the Month.  Usually we listen to the music/try out the art and read one of the Mike Venezia books.  


  • park trips, walks, bike rides, etc.
  • homeschool P.E. class
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I love that I posted my plans on page 1, and since then have totally changed my plans.  LOL. 


Same here! New plans as of this weekend...


Math: CLE 300/Beast Academy 3C/3D

LA: Logic of English Essentials

History: Mystery of History 1

Science: Finish Science in the Beginning, and move into Science in the Ancient World


So math and science didn't change. :lol:

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Our plans are:


Math: CLE 2


Language Arts: CLE 2


Reading: CLE 2


Science: BJU Press Distance Learning DVDs 3rd grade


History: Probably Guest Hollow's American History


Latin: Latina Christiana


Geography: Seterra.net map quizzes along with netflix/youtube documentaries


Art: Home Art Studio


Music: Piano Lessons


Horseback Riding lessons


Gonna give Classical Conversations a try too


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I love that I posted my plans on page 1, and since then have totally changed my plans.  LOL. 



Yep, me too! I actually clicked on this thread out of curiosity, to see what I had posted before, because I knew things had changed. :)


Oh, man. These threads for next year are stressing me out! I haven't even started thinking about it. But here's what I do sort of know for second grade.


- Horizons 2

- SM Challenging Word Problems

- Maybe Miquon Red and Blue


- LLTL 2 (we are really enjoying level 1)

- Jot It Down

- Wheeler's Elementary Speller (I seriously love this book!)

- cursive (probably just with StartWrite)

- some reading list that I need to put together

- hoping to start a little book club


- selections from SOTW 2, mostly supplemental reading with notebooking and a few projects

- EM Daily Geography plus a few country studies


- continuing with our interest-led science and notebooking

- nature study: I'm hoping to start a nature club and use The Nature Connection, by Clare Walker Leslie

Composer study

- Classical Kids CDs, Venezia books, and notebooking. This seems to come very naturally around here, because dd LOVES it. She says she wants to be a composer when she grows up. :)


- I need a plan. We haven't been good at this this year, aside from lots of free art with our abundant art supplies. I love how creative dd is, but I do want to broaden her horizons.

Foreign language

- Can't decide what we're doing here, but my plan is to do SOMETHING. ;)

Stress! I didn't realize people were already making plans for next year!

My actual plans



- Horizons 2, supplemented with CWP and Miquon



- Brave Writer Arrow

- EM Daily Paragraph Editing

- BW freewrites

- Cursive Through Pictures

- reading list that I finally made :)



- Middle Ages and Renaissance topics according to our interests

- EM Daily Geography plus a few country studies


Science: same as my othe plan


Composer Study: same as my other plan



- Home Art Studio


Foreign Language: still need a plan

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I've readjusted our plans. I need to settle down with it.


Language Arts:


reading basket with-

  Where the Wild Things Are

  Keep the Lights Burning Abbey

  Paddington Takes to the Air

  Courage of Sarah Noble

  My Father's Dragon

  and then I don't know what else. He's a hard kid to work with with his reading. He reads advanced books, but he reads slow so he doesn't like doing it.


FLL2-3 (he's 3/4 done FLL2 but I'm not rushing him with it)

R&S Spelling

copywork in Cursive

Marie's Words

Beginning Word Roots












RS4K Biology Level 1

K-Nex kits

Meccano kits

otherwise interest led



Social Studies/Geography:


Canada Map Book 1


Puzzle Ball Globe

Various Canadian history readers (such as Gold Rush Fever, and Discovering Canada books)




Home Art Studio




a couple puzzles/toys of his choosing that help with fine motor skills and logic such as IQ Twist, Zoob Challenge, Rush Hour, Equilibrium, or Block Builders.

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