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Pondering Math for Next Year-Grade 6/Math in Focus vs. Math Mammoth

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We're coming off three years of K12 math and are now using Math Mammoth 5 A & B along with Singapore Practice 5A & B from Frank Schaffer. Singapore  5 claims to be intended for 6th grade, but the skills are right at my student's level.


Drat! This student does not care for Math Mammoth and avoids it. I pick and choose problems so she doesn't get bogged down by the page. Much of the Math Mammoth is review anyway.


Math in Focus is a reasonable option, but where to place my child is another question. Do I use a Singapore placement test? The samples online for grade 6 seem too easy after using Math Mammoth and K12.


K12 math is too much online time.


Can anyone compare Math Mammoth and Math in Focus at the middle school level? 

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Here is the placement test for MiF 5A: http://saxonhomeschool.hmhco.com/HA/correlations/pdf/m/Math_in_Focus_5A_placement_test.pdf

Here is the placement test for MiF 5B: http://saxonhomeschool.hmhco.com/HA/correlations/pdf/m/Math_in_Focus_5B_placement_test.pdf


I don't see placement tests for the MiF middle school courses- perhaps they are too new?

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Guest Qextor

You can look at the whole program here:  http://vihmh.impelsys.com/math_in_focus/index.php


It is the whole program, every page of every book, including the teacher's manual, so you can see whether the pace picks up towards the end of the course.  Course 1 is grade 6.  You can also look at the beginning of course 2 (grade 7), to see if that suits your kid better.  The only downside is that it is all on computer; your kid would have write her answers in a notebook.  Or you can buy just the workbooks ($35 each, 2 per grade/level) and use the computer to view the textbook and teacher's manual.  HTH some.

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