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Integrated/combined? Science Ideas please

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I need help with science texts, but first some background....


We live in Australia, where school children do a combined science topic until the final two years of high school, at that point if they wish to continue with science they will specialise in generally in either Physics, Chemistry, Biology but occasionally in marine or environmental science.


My DS is in 9th grade. We covered Science haphazardly at elementary level, with varying science units in areas of biology, earth and chemistry, and a full year of marine biology. But no kind of comprehensive cover of everything. Then for the last few years, haphazard doesn't even begin to explain it, although he did year 7 science at school.


I had planned to do 4 years of Science, Earth Science this year, followed by biology, physics and chemistry. But now he is talking about going back to school for Gr11-12 which means I think perhaps I should be aiming at a generalist science with the basics of most topics over the next 2 years and I'm looking for suggested texts for this at high school level (not college entry level) with an assumed prior knowledge that is pretty basic. 


Your help in suggesting something would be much appreciated. I did wonder about wandering down to the local teacher supply store and seeing what the local texts etc look like with a view to perhaps using one of them.





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Mostly consider this a bump, since I saw no one had responded yet . . . 


Have you looked at Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn Science book 2?  It covers the 3 major science fields and could possibly be challenging enough for a 9th grader who has previously had not much formal science.  I bought it for my DS and what I've read in it so far seems quite challenging and a considerable step up in difficulty from the first book in the series.  You could check out the sample pages and see if it seems suitable for your DS.


Another one I have is Hewitt's Conceptual Integrated Science.  (Yes, I have a problem with collecting science books I won't need for a while, LOL.)  It is a college entry-level text, but it seems quite readable to me, so maybe that would be worth a look too. 


Hope you get more responses.

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We used Pearsons' Exploring Science series (7-9) before we moved on to IGCSE. They have lots of worksheets & excel spreadsheets on the cdrom that comes with the book. My youngest has very strong opinions and does not hesitate to tell me if she thinks a book is below par - these were her favorites of all the books we looked at for this level.


Editing to add - We worked through the 3 books in a bit under 2 years, just working through them in order, or there's also a scheme of work on the Pearson website for a different approach rearranging the sections.

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