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Best sources for purchases?

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So, I'm seeing that there are some others here that are like me. We LOVE curriculum/books/science kits/andjustaboutanythingelseschoolrelated.


What is the best source for these purchases?


Directly from publisher?


Rainbow Resource?

Christian Book Distributors?

Others I haven't mentioned?


Ok, go.

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I think it depends. I usually shop around online and go for the best price. Check out http://homeschoolclassifieds.com page and your local curriculum sales, lots of people what to get rid of their old stuff at the end of the year to make room for the new stuff, and they have very good prices because they just want to part with their stuff.

I'm interested in other people's opinions and ideas though. Good question!

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I get most of my stuff from Amazon or Half Price Books. Others, usually the items Amazon doesn't sell, I get directly from the publisher or whomever has the best price. I do tend to buy almost everything used, though, except workbooks. Most of the stuff is still in great shape and I pay less than half the price, most of the time. 

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  1. Amazon - Prime Membership gets you free 2 day shipping and access to their instant video library.

Better World Books - Helps libraries, free shipping.

Fat Brain Toys - Interesting stuff here, especially for sensory related items.

Carolina Supply Company - Science-y goodness.

Ebay - Lots of books, Legos, cloth diapers and other good stuff.

Craigslist - Good deals on clothes, toys, larger items, and a great source for mining garage sales. ;)

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Okay, so for big purchases I mostly do


Rainbow Resource




But these are some little gems of stores that are fun to shop at:









not school supplies, but love their products





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Right now Im going to purchase a large chunk of history spines so I've price compared Amazon, CBD and Rainbow Resource. Of the 3, Rainbow Resource is coming in about $15 less for the books themselves and then they offer free shipping (over. $50). I do not have Amazon Prime but the books are still cheaper at RR.

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