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x-post Toxicology??

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My 6th grader has a strong interest in toxicology (she is already researching universities!).  Does anyone have any book/course recommendations for forensic or environmental toxicology?  It doesn't have to necessarily be at a middle school level; I am making a list of resources for her to use in high school as well.


Any suggestions are welcome; my interests are in the social sciences, so I am a bit lost here!  Any guidance as to other helpful courses that will prepare her for this subject is very much wanted as well (A&P? Organic chem? Other sciences I have never heard of???).

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For toxicology courses in cell biology, cell physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry (1 year), organic chemistry (1 year) and histology would be VERY beneficial. I would suggest investing in a GOOD microscope from the start, as they're expensive, and it's a waste of money buying cheap ones that don't work as well knowing that at the end you'll need a good quality one anyway!


Also, we biologists love sharing our knowledge with anyone willing to listen, and we also love finding new people to join our group, so find a university professor somewhere so she can audit a few classes, visit his/her lab (usually after 13th b-day) and perhaps witness an experiment or two.


Toxicology is a great area, there are tons of things to learn and explore in the subject. Best of luck to you both!!

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