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x-post Toxicology??

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My 6th grader has a strong interest in toxicology (she is already researching universities!).  Does anyone have any book/course recommendations for forensic or environmental toxicology?  It doesn't have to necessarily be at a middle school level; I am making a list of resources for her to use in high school as well.


Any suggestions are welcome; my interests are in the social sciences, so I am a bit lost here!  Any guidance as to other helpful courses that will prepare her for this subject is very much wanted as well (A&P? Organic chem? Other sciences I have never heard of???).



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Other than what I suggested in the other board: cell biology, cell physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry (1 year), organic chemistry (1 year), histology, a GOOD microscope and someone to shadow, the only other things I can think about are the math classes to prepare her for such courses.


I'm also interested in other people's advice, so, would you mind sharing your popcorn while wee wait? :-)

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Jumping in this late, but in case you are still reading...


My father worked in toxicology for 25 years before retiring last year.  Before Toxicology he worked as a lab tech and lab computer tech for 23 years.  He had a basic BS in science and learned Toxicology on the job, though young people entering the work force in his position would be expected to have a masters or a PhD, so make sure that as your DD gets older she considers carefully what type of lab she might want to work in.  A tech could get by with a tech college degree or a BS.  An actual Toxicologist would be expected to have a PhD in most cases.


My dad worked almost exclusively in the field of law-enforcement drug testing.  He worked for police departments and as an expert witness in drug cases.


If your DD might be interested in toxicology related to law enforcement, she can contact her local Police Department and inquire about the labs that they use for their drug testing.  When she is a little older, she might find that a local lab would LOVE to have her visit and show her what they do and the many careers available at a lab.



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Thank you for your advice!  Right now her (tentative) plans are to get her B.S in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University, then continue with their graduate program and get her Masters (or possibly even her Ph.D) in Toxicology.  She isn't sure yet what area she wants to specialize in, she just knows she wants to work in a lab as a toxicologist :001_smile:   I will keep in mind your suggestion to find a local lab that would let her visit, that is a good idea!

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