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College Scholarships for single moms?

Michelle My Bell

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I am in my second semester at college, currently with a 4.0 GPA. Because of my stupidity 20 years ago (I stopped going to school in 1995 without dropping the classes and ruined my transfer GPA), I wasn't able to apply for any scholarships when I started school in the fall. So now I am preparing for next fall to get as many scholarships as possible to not only cover those classes but also pay back the little loan I had to take out for this school year.


I am applying to all the ones available at my school and I have even applied for a United Autoworkers for one they are giving away since my mom worked in that industry for 20 years. But I am looking for some legitimate scholarships that you may know about without digging through 10,000 on these "scholarship" sites on the web. I figure all real scholarship opportunities are worth applying for, even the little ones so any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 


If it is helpful, my situation is...

  • 40 years old
  • Single Mom
  • 5 Kids
  • One in college full time as well.
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