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Anyone want to ponder next year? Fifth Grade?

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It took me a bit to figure out that the 5th grade planning thread would be here...it is my first time out of the K-8 and into the logic stage specific board :blush:


History/Lit/Geography: TOG year 1 ancients

Math: A mix of Aops Pre-Algebra and MM6 

Science: Noeo -finishing up Bio and moving on to Chemistry

Handwriting: Getty Dubay

Writing: WWE 4

Grammar/More Writing: Phonics Road 4

Spanish: La Clase with younger sibs

Logic: various logic books from prufrock press

P.E. Ballet and Swim

Music: Violin


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My youngest (sniffle) 5th grader is doing the following this year:

Saxon 6/5- finished in Jan, cont with Saxon 7/6

Perplexors C and D

GC Mental Math

Mazes and Puzzle books (she is my mathy, organized girlie)

How to be a Superstar Student


Famous Men of Modern Ages

History of the Medieval World CD (we read it outloud together last year- she's listened to the SOTW too many times to count)

Roman Rds Media- the Greeks

American History- Scholastic


Apologia's Birds Mp3 (5th Day)

Hummingbirds and Butterfies


Grammar of Poetry

Spelling You See- Wild Tales and Americana

Mary Daly's Diagramming



RS German

Mango- Russian


VP Bible Cards- memorizing


Read alouds

It's a mish mash of reviews/ finishing up some stuff with Big Bro before he begins high school in the fall.


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We school year round, so we usually move into the next level whenever. We'll be 5th grade this coming year, and most of what we're doing now will continue:


Math: Math in Focus 5, Singapore word problems books (FAN math, CWP)


Language Arts: Apples and Pears D, CAP writing, narratives, this book for expository writing (I loved her narratives book and hope this is as good), MCT Town (select parts), Handwriting Without Tears


History: Ancients, probably combination of SOTW and something else, I'm not sure what yet


Science: Core Knowledge


I'm working on some special needs areas with one of mine.


We really need to learn to keyboard.


That is all I have planned. I guess I'll look through responses here to see what I might need to add. Getting closer to middle school intimidates me.




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Our 5th grade tentative plan:


Art - Artistic Pursuits and TOG Fine Arts

Bible- CAP OT 1

Math- Teaching Textbooks 6 and Saxon 6/5 for Mental Math, Drills and board work

Spelling- Rod and Staff 5

English/Grammar- FLL 4 and Rod & Staff 4

Literature- TOG and various lit units

Writing- TOG Writing Aids

Vocabulary- Vocabulary From Classical Roots B

History- TOG Year 1 Anciens w/ SOTW and MOH for extra reading and Diana Waring CD series

Geography- TOG and Expedition Earth

Science- Jay Wile's Science OR Apologia Elementary series on rotation

Latin: Latina Christiana I

Music- Various composer units

Mind Benders and Perplexors

2nd Year Webelos pin work

Co-op: PE, Sign Language and Legos

Currclick Online Classes - Continue with Lego Club



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R&S Math 5 (with some CLE 400/500)

R&S English 5 (or EG 5)

R&S Spelling 5

R&S Bible 5

IEW, WWE 2 (We started REAL late on this one)

Figuratively Speaking (apply to whatever literature we will be reading)

Spanish - CLE (Maybe Rosetta Stone)

Either Apologia Zoology 2 or AIG


Vocabulary Cartoons

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I'm with the rest of you who are  :001_unsure: about the second student joining the LOGIC stage board.


Here is Andrew's plan for fall:


Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ for Science, History, Poetry, Literature, Copywork, Dictation, Content Area Writing, etc.

HOD Drawn into the Heart of Reading

BJU English 5

Teaching Textbooks 6/Life of Fred Fractions

Community Bible Study/Awana

Homeschool Band

Spanish or German, taught by Mom with workbooks, undecided which.

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Working on this some more: Edited 7/11


Math- BA 4B, 4C and 4D- 

-------MM, HoE,  LoF and living math in between BA books


Writing- Writing and Rhetoric Book 3 and 4

-------Maxwell's Composition and Killgallon's Paragraph book if we end up with extra time or need to work more on other skills- hard to know without seeing the books yet but WR 1 and 2 weren't a full years worth of instruction


Latin- Getting Started with Latin


Spelling- Apples and Pears B and  C

-------I was going to go ahead and start at A but after looking at it that would be too far back so we are starting in B. I *think* we should easily be able to finish B and C this year with how we have it scheduled and the fact that we are backing up a bit, we might get into D some


Grammar, Vocab and Poetry- MCT Town, Adding in Critical Thinking Co. Language Mechanic


Science- 4 Units fleshed out with living books, field trips and activities- Geology, Micro-Biology, Astronomy and Physics- Mechanics


History- American History- Lots of living books- docus, non-fic, good books


Extracurricular- TKD and Cub Scouts

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Here's our plan for 5th:


Math:CLE 506-510  then Singapore 5B

Reading: CLE 500 (keeping it simple)

Spelling: Something he can succeed at.  Haven't found it, yet.

Writing/Grammar: MP 5th, written narrations in science/geography

Geography: Trail Guide to World Geography

Science Apologia's Land Animals of the 5th Day, synched with our geography studies.


Spanish: Easy Peasy, GSWS


Drums, Scouts


We are taking a year off TOG...I'll be so anxious to get back to it the following year!

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Here's my plan for 5th:


Math: MM 5B\6A and maybe 6B if she keeps going at her current pace, continue HOE

Spelling: Sequential spelling - It's the 3rd spelling program we've tried and the only one that has helped.  

Writing: Writing and Rhetoric Book 2 & 3 

Grammar: MCT

Handwriting: HWOT Printing book

Reading: Haven't even started on a book list yet


History: HO Modern Times Level 1

Science: Elemental Science Physics and maybe Lego Robotics


Swedish: ?

Latin: LfCA


Artistic Pursuits








Girl Scouts

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My tentative plan:


CLP Building Spelling Skills 5

R&S English 5

CLE Reading 500

CLE Math 500 or Horizons Math 4...still deciding

Artistic Pursuits Elem. 4-5, Book 1

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry




Lots and lots of reading good books..dd loves to read!!

Typing Instructor probably

Logic...not sure yet...I own Logic Liftoff and Logic Countdown


Ballet, Tap, Choir


I may throw in some Wordsmith Apprentice here and there.  Also GUM Drops 5.  DD loves GUM Drops.  Also some Evan Moor Daily Geography Practice here and there.



BTW...what is MP geography?  I've seen it posted several times.  Is it MCP geography?






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Tentative; this year we made a few changes as we went along:

Tabletclass prealgebra

MEP/AoPS/khan supplement if needed

French: intermediate class at FIAF (I hope. Otherwise continue with Galore Park's program)

Science: a combination of CPO and BFSU I hope to put together this summer.

Arabic beginner: to be determined. If I cannot find a class, we will work through the alphabet together. This I am learning alongside him but so hard to find classes for his age. I am taking an intensive class next summer for myself.

World Geography: still assembling materials for this.

Language arts: continue with Galore Park's Junior English, add in some Brave Writer. Continue Sadlier Oxford vocabulary program.

Literature: Lightning Literature at half speed.

Piano lessons, tennis a few days a week.

ETA: he will go through the Make Electronics book with his dad and probably some sort of programming class too.

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Well, it's taken a bit to get there. I feel funny posting plans for the Logic stage, when I'm not sure my kids qualify for that adjective. :p Illogical stage might be more like it.


Math: probable CLE and MM combination, although I am still debating the merits of half-pace Saxon 6/5 with MM. We have placement tests for CLE, so that will probably be a go.


Latin: Continuing with First Form Latin, and I plan to add some reading practice in Latin weekly. We will continue memorizing various Latin prayers and poems.


Spanish: This is new. I plan to use Breaking the Barrier, and my brother, the Spanish guru is looking into various cartoons, movies etc for us to watch in Spanish for immersion. I can find LOTS of reading in Spanish at our local library.

It's kind of a new thing for me to be adding reading in another language, but I think it's a good idea, so we'll see how I feel about that at the end of the year.


Grammar and Composition: CW Aesop, transitioning to Homer probably in the early spring. I've got one who might move earlier, as his narrating skills are pretty good. The other is more creative, and his narrating skills are not as good for things he doesn't care to pay attention to. Which would be anything that isn't about windmills or big cats. I'm working on making this our English class: Spelling done with it, Grammar, Vocab, etc. It's sort of time to start bringing it all together. Still sorting that out, but spelling seems to be an issue for only one child, they are both good at grammar, and vocabulary is an issue for the other, the one who likes only windmills and big cats. Got a few additional resources I'm looking at for work in those areas. (I know the grammar component will be KISS and I like to diagram, so I'll be getting a diagramming resource to use.)


History-Discovered this year that I've got one narrative history lover, and one who just hates history on the principle that he hates reading about anything except..well. However, both love the two page spreads in Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and in the Usborne Internet Linked book. I've already accumulated a number of narrative ancient history resources, and there are lots of biographies at the library. Now I've just got to figure out what to call this curriculum when I turn it in for the year. Mr. Mom-head's Ancient History in the Neo-Classical Tradition?


Science-Ditto. One narrative science guy and one just the facts guy. And my narrative history child is not the narrative science child. Here I also see us doing a lot of two-page spread books. I have a botany resource, and will probably pick up others that are field botany for study. My game plan at this point is to have them come to a working and intimate knowledge with the variety of plants in our local forest behind the house. We have so much that I could spend hours out there crawling over one acre and come back loaded with specimens. I've even got a minor wetland in front of my house, and we have let the yard grow up in meadow for the wild turkeys and for our bees. Lots of opportunity for insect study, which was a huge hit last year, and continues to enthrall. For biology I think we may go with The Way Things Work and lots of library books, and depending on interest, we may delve into some dissection. I'm looking into a microscope. For human body we will go with The Way We Work. I think that will keep us busy and happy. I will probably also get the first History of Science book by Hakim, mostly because I love it, and we might spend a while going through that in the context of the study of the Ancients.  Now what should I call that on our curriculum plan?


Art-We didn't get to much of our Artistic Pursuits from last year due to math getting in the way. I've vowed that math won't get in the way this year. 


Music-I need a resource for me. We have a ton of composers to listen to, and a huge selection of music at the library to borrow from. If I can swing it, we will start taking piano lessons this fall. We have a piano, and we all like to play it. I'd also love for the boys to start being accountable to another teacher, and piano lessons sounds like a decent place to start.


That's about it. I've got some geography to add, and might pick up a few more things for this that and the other.


We will not be doing any critical thinking workbooks, but I am starting with Formal Logic for myself this fall, and they are welcome to watch along with me. B) I figure we will get plenty of hands-on Logic with a few things we have planned in the way of construction projects, and our botany/biology study.


We will be doing several books for Literature, one to two days a week, more discussion than anything else. And I will start up our reading incentive program for their free reading like I did last year. That was a big hit.

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It's funny looking back at this, which i posted a few months ago now...  we have firmer plans now, though they're still loose, I guess.


Math...  Math in Focus for one boy and...  argh, still unsure for the other, but definitely finishing Upper Elementary Challenge Math (it's new!) and maybe doing some more of the Key to books...  the goal is to start Jousting Armadillos next spring


Language Arts - Faltering Ownership from Brave Writer (it'll be out at the end of summer!), doing a BW lifestyle routine, reading books, finishing AAS for one boy (the other has requested not to do level 7, so he'll stop for now when he finishes 6)...  you guys were tempting me with Image Grammar too, I must say, but we'll see...


Other academic things - we'll probably continue to do some light logic and we'll keep up map drills on Shepherd Software


Extras stay the same...  Destination Imagination, Ballet, Soccer, acting...  I'll direct another Shakespeare play for the Folger festival, co-op continues too...


Everything else will be...  projects...  Eeek.  We're going to go mostly interest led and a little Farrar led and do individual units and study different things.  So, big step off the cliff for content.  I'm hoping to keep the academic expectations high though.

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Well I'm excited for Logic stage! My oldest will start 5th grade in two months. Still working on the plan, but here it is so far:


First Form Latin

Math Mammoth 5 & xtramath, LoF

English Lessons through Literature 4 (The Book of Dragons, Ozma of OZ, Heidi, Tanglewood Tales, Black Beauty)

Famous Men of the Middle Ages w/ student guide

Assigned Lit: Adam of the Road, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Bronze Bow, The Door in the Wall, The Prince and the Pauper, Joan of Arc, Bard of Avon, Children of the New Forest, SOTW 2

Memoria Press' Geography II

Apologia's Zoology 2: Swimming creatures w/ notebooking journal

The History of Medicine & Exploring Planet Earth - Tiner

Reading daily: 30 min. scriptures / 1 hour classic lit of choice

See the Light Art Class


Duolingo German



Morning Time w/ family:

Hymn, prayer, scriptures, gospel art, phonogram flash cards, gospel principles, read-aloud (children's bible, homer, Plutarch, CHOW), poetry recitation, grammar flash cards, Latin recitation

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Ok, new plans. Ignore my page 1. :lol:


Math: Finish up AoPS Prealgebra, start Intro to Algebra in January-ish.

LA: Hake Grammar 6, EIW6, CAP W&R - finish Fable and move into Narrative and possibly Narrative 2, Logic of English, good literature

Foreign language: Finish Lively Latin 1 and move into 2.

History: MOH 1

Science: Finish Science in the Beginning and move into Science in Ancient Times.


I've changed our focus to be on writing and spelling this year, so I decided to put off TOG Y1 and instead do MOH, which is ONE book for the whole family. I'll stick extra books in a book basket for DS1 to use during library book basket time, but they won't be required reading. I know TOG is a great fit for him, and we'll likely come back to it, as I do like it, but I really want to put a lot of focus on spelling and writing. It's what he needs right now as he heads toward middle school. I've planned it out such that he'll be doing one writing assignment per day (part of a a CAP lesson or one EIW lesson), and he'll alternate spelling with grammar days - 3 days spelling, 2 days grammar. I'm not worried about finishing the grammar book in a year. In fact, if we need to, we'll drop it down to once a week, as we do have grammar covered elsewhere. I just like the spiral review that keeps everything fresh. ;)

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Tenative plans for fifth grade:


Math in focus


Bookshark American History done TWTM way.


Bookshark Biology with kits suggested in TWTM that align with the curriculum & DE Science Techbook upper elementary life science.


AAS, ?Hake Grammar, CAP W&R, Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Typing without Tears, Bookshark readers.


Song School Latin 2


Artistic Pursuits & Art with Mati & Dada


Classic Kids Collection & Worlds Greatest Series & instruments


Logic 4-6

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I'm still deciding on a few things but here is my tentative plan:


Bible - MP Christian Studies III

Writing - Writing With Ease 4

Grammar - Rod & Staff English 5

Spelling - Spelling Workout E & F

Latin - Latina Christiana II & DVD teacher

Modern Language - Spanish, either Rosetta Stone or Switched on Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish

Math - Saxon Math 6/5 with Saxon Teacher

Logic - Building Thinking Skills 2 Software & 3 Figural

Science - Elemental Science Physics

History - Not sure yet - either Notgrass American history OR WTM Ancients for 5th grade


Extras - Home Art Studio & Artistic Pursuits; Pearables Home Economics; Switched on Schoolhouse Health Quest


*For reading we use the WTM book list

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This tentative plan for homeschooling is for my rising 5th grader who wants to go from online school back to B&M.


PE - golf lessons

Music theory - beginners class in Spring for 5th graders

German - saturday school

LA, History, Math, Science - outside classes

Art - winter and summer camps

Vocabulary - my boy pick Word within the Word.

Music - piano

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I am feeling a little intimidated at the thought of 5th grade!  My goal is to push my son a little more this year towards greater independence.  Does anyone here give their child their own planner to keep up with?  We tried daily assignment sheets last year but I couldn't keep up.  It was easier for me to just tell him the next thing but this really isn't fostering independence.  Would love to hear some ideas.  :)


Our line-up (which begins next week!):


Math:  TT 5, Mental Math 5th grade


HIstory: Our main program-- Finish Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Exploration then begin Paths of Settlement (this includes copywork, LA, history, geography, and some science--we'll use some other things to round it out a bit more)


Science: Apologia's Young Explorers Chemistry and Physics


Spelling:  AAS 5 (may stretch this out over 2 years...not sure yet)


Geography: Trail Guide to Bible Geography and BF Holling C. Holling Geography  (Not really needed, but my geography-loving son begs for more so I am prepared!)


Bible: Charlotte Mason scripture memorization/reading plan to go along with TG Bible Geography


Literature:  He's taking an awesome Lit/Writing class at our co-op.  I am so excited for this!  I have additional books picked out and we'll see how far we get.


Art: Art HIstory at our co-op




Latin:  He wants to continue with Latin's Not So Tough but not sure if we can squeeze it in.


Soccer/Basketball/Possibly Piano lessons


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I am feeling a little intimidated at the thought of 5th grade!  My goal is to push my son a little more this year towards greater independence.  Does anyone here give their child their own planner to keep up with?  We tried daily assignment sheets last year but I couldn't keep up.  It was easier for me to just tell him the next thing but this really isn't fostering independence.  Would love to hear some ideas.  :)



We do a version of this. I flipped it so the one we use is vertical, but don't have a link for it:



ETA: Vertical (better for 3 ring binders): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B70Ofn4LNZ37M3F4V3hlcjBqODA/edit?usp=sharing


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I am feeling a little intimidated at the thought of 5th grade!  My goal is to push my son a little more this year towards greater independence. 


For us, handing over a daily task list would go a long way towards independence, and I cannot see my DS (or myself?) handling a weekly list because I would need more frequent adjustment/calibration.

That said, I think a side effect of the fact that he has a number of online classes coming up this fall will be increased independence.

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For us, handing over a daily task list would go a long way towards independence, and I cannot see my DS (or myself?) handling a weekly list because I would need more frequent adjustment/calibration.

That said, I think a side effect of the fact that he has a number of online classes coming up this fall will be increased independence.


It works better than I originally thought it would.


It actually allows for more frequent tweaking than a daily list b/c if you get behind on one day, you are not automatically behind overall.


I do a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year so I know what our pace needs to be. I spend maybe 15 minutes per kid (I tutor) planning what they need to do in each subject for the week. It also allows for subject binges if your dc likes to stick with a topic for longer on one day.


Going into fifth grade is a good time to require more "long term" planning. It frees me up b/c I don't have to keep on top of the next thing every minute. They can just look at their sheets.


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5th grade for my youngest!  We do a weekly check off list.  As long as it's all done by Saturday, I don't care so much when they do it.  It gives them some independence, and they learn the direct impact of taking a day off on a subject (they need to make it up).  I really have to get on ds10 though to make sure we do the stuff we need to do together every morning early; he gets so distracted.  Here's our plan, with a few holes:


Grammar: Analytical Grammar Jr. (or GWG 5, but I think we need a break from it)

Spelling: All About Spelling 5

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6

Literature: reading literature

Writing: Undecided!  Has done IEW class for 2 yr, now wants to do something at home - will be another IEW or WWS1 or CAP's new series

Math: Art of Problem Solving: Pre-Algebra

Science: CPO Physical Science

History: History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients

Spanish: Spanish for Children A

Computer: online programming class, Lego robotics, etc

Gymnastics, karate

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She's a young 5th grader (she's 8) so I want to take it slow.  We start August 4th :-)



Teaching Textbooks 6 (will finish about Christmas)

LOF Liver, Kidneys, and Mineshaft

--maybe CLE 6 when she finishes TT6 as review and to fill gaps...


Language Arts:

Language Lessons for Elementary 


Learn to Spell Through Copywork C




Increasing in Wisdom


Foreign Language:

Rosetta Stone Russian


Joining other kids for;

Apologia Zoology 1 (with A Journey Through Learning's Lapbook)


Prima Latina


Reading List: (which I totally stole from a post on here, but it was such a good list!!)

Heidi, The Jungle Book, Old Yeller, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Family Under the Bridge, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Holes, The Summer of the Swans, Gettysburg, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Whipping Boy.

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I am feeling a little intimidated at the thought of 5th grade!  My goal is to push my son a little more this year towards greater independence.  Does anyone here give their child their own planner to keep up with?  We tried daily assignment sheets last year but I couldn't keep up.  It was easier for me to just tell him the next thing but this really isn't fostering independence.  Would love to hear some ideas.  :)


We will be using Joanne Calderwood's Student Planners (urthemom.com) this year. This past spring (April 2014) I made my own, loosely based on hers to see if it was something we could do and continue doing, not having done any kind of planner or lesson planning before. (Once I knew we could keep it up, I bought the planners, but we will start them at the beginning of September.) I help my girls plan out one week of school work. Each day they mark off assignments as they complete them. Once they get the hang of how much work I expect them to do, I allow them to fill out the week themselves, but I check to see if what they wrote was reasonable (I had one who thought she could do a lot more than she actually could, and then she couldn't complete all the work--this is my one who either tries to do the bare minimum, or thinks she can do an incredible amount of work in one week [all of SM 4A]). I keep them on task, make sure they finish everything on their planner for the day, and check their work.


5th grade plan:

We've already started, but we don't have all the subjects back into the rotation yet.


Singapore Math: a little behind, just started 4A; hoping to get through 4A & 4B in 2-3 months.

Key to Fractions: about halfway or more through book 2. Will start Key to Decimals after SM 4A before beginning 4B.

Adapted Mind (adaptedmind.com) if we can remember to use it.


New American Cursive book 2

A Reason for Spelling Level E

Writing Strands Level 3--would like to finish this in one semester (this might be a bit ambitious, as it's 76 days if I counted correctly--we could do it in about 15 weeks if we do 5 days a week) and then start CAP Writing & Rhetoric book 1, Fables

MP English Grammar Recitation (just the recitation, not the workbooks)

Daily Grams--Grade 4, 2 days at a time; hope to move into Grade 5 soon


Famous Men of Rome--about halfway through

Famous Men of Greece--haven't started

SOTW 1 Ancient Times--want to listen to the CDs one time through

hope to move to Middle Ages after the above is finished


God's Design for Life: The Human Body

then God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology set


MP Latina Christiana 1--started last fall & got through 4 lessons...fell by the wayside, so I plan to pick it back up soon--I have the DVD now and will add that to our lesson time.


Notgrass--Walking in Faith

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I think I finally have up and coming fifth graders plans finalized. It's both exciting and nerve-wracking to think that we're moving into the logic stage this year!!

We'll continue with our Morning Meeting time since it is going so well, so that covers a lot of the extras that Grace likes.


Skill Subjects:


Math in Focus 4B and 5A plus Life of Fred for fun


MCT Town Level


Apples and Pears Spelling Level C and part of D


Writing and Rhetoric Books 3 and 4


K12 Literature Grade 5 plus I'm starting a homeschool book club with kids from grade 3-grade 8 reading through The Chronicles of Narnia this year.


Content Subjects:


Science: Science in the Beginning and Sassafras Anatomy


Geography:  Physical geography of the Eastern Hemisphere and political geography of Middle East and Asia


History: I'm doing our history studies very differently this year, so it's kind of a grand experiment! I divided history into five time periods, and we will be focusing on one aspect of each time period over the year, then next year we'll move ahead chronologically in each unit. Adding in lots of literature for each topic and picture books for my rising second grader.

  • Unit 1 (Ancient World): Focus on Ancient Hebrews and  Ancient Mesopotamia. Spine (I read to both girls): The Story of the Ancient World by Christine Miller. Independent study for Grace: The People of Ancient Israel by Dorothy Mills. 
  • Unit 2 (Middle Ages through Exploration): Focus on Middle Ages Part 1: Society. Spine (I read to both girls): selected chapters of Story of the World Volume 2 plus Passport Middle Ages from Homeschool in the Woods. Independent study for Grace: selected chapters from The Middle Ages by Dorothy Mills
  • Unit 3 (1600-1850's): Focus on Colonial Times in the US plus events in the world. Spine (I read to both girls): The World of Captain John Smith, The World of William Penn, and Time Travelers Colonial Life by Homeschool in the Woods. Independent study for Grace: Paradox of Jamestown and Pilgrims and Puritans from Drama of American History series and The Story of the 13 Colonies (rereleased version by Memoria Press)
  • Unit 4 (1850's -1900): Focus on Civil War and Slavery. Spine (I read to both girls): A Nation Torn and Behind the Blue and Gray by Delia Ray plus Time Travelers Civil War by Homeschool in the Woods. Independent study for Grace: Slavery and the Coming of the Civil War and The Civil War from Drama of American History series
  • Unit 5 (20th and 21st centuries): Focus on 1900 and 1910. Spine (I read to both girls): selected chapters of Story of the World Volume 4 plus parts of Time Travelers' Industrial Revolution through Great Depression. Independent study for Grace: A History of US: An Age of Extremes 1880-1917



Continuing with Getting Started with Spanish and REAL Homeschool Spanish, various logic resources, art lessons at our local art group, an ballet twice a week.


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This year I have a child entering logic stage and one child in his last year logic stage. I've been so busy freaking out about the last year of logic stage that I missed the fact that my next child is entering it.


History: Hakim Story of US


Science: EiE units, Story of Science


Math: BA, MM, Zaccaro, RS


Spelling: AAS


Grammar: MCT


Writing: WWE4, CAP Narrative, Sentence Composing, IEW


Literature: Figuratively Speaking, MCT Lit, reading lists


Latin: Lively Latin


German: Duolingo, German resources I have


Logic: Logic Liftoff series


Penmanship: LOE handwriting


Greek: undecided....suggestions?


Extra: Piano, swim, karate, and co-op classes







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DS is going to 5th this year. Last year he was sick so this year is somewhat of a mess. 



NOEO Finish Biology II and start Chemistry. Ideally he will not get sick and will be able to finish Biology this summer. Do Chemistry at the pace he started Biology last year and finish it in December then move on to Physics. 



Prelagebra with GreeneMath.com



High Noon and an hour a day of reading


Logic and Reasoning using varied materials.


Either ASL or Greek. I am not sure what program for Greek. I want it secular. 


PE: Speed skating, dryland training, possibly swimming a couple times a week. 


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Starting our fifth year of homeschooling on August 18th!


LA: Bravewriter activities, Sequential Spelling 4, Treasures grammar worksheets, vocabulary cartoons, literature read alouds, and assigned reading


Math: Dimensions/Discovering Mathematics 7a, Zaccaro's Challenge Math, and Math Counts problems of the week


Science: BFSU2


History: SOTW4 and History of US (1865-present)


French: So You Really Want to Learn French (finish Book 1 and start Book 2)


Latin: review grammar and Latin to Eng. translations with Dad (Aesop, Asterix, and whatever holds his interest!)


Other stuff: typing, geography games and puzzles, random art projects.


PE: karate and swimming



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Snowed in and probably should be doing something more productive than looking 8 months out... Anyhow, what all are you all doing for 5th grade? Here's what we are planning- I would appreciate any thoughts on my language arts if it is too much/ not enough/ or if something else you've used would work better:


Plaid Phonics or Spelling Workout or Logic of English list 2 (we're doing LoE this year- not sure where to place her in another program, but I think she needs another year of spelling.)

MP Grammar Recitation 2 workbook

Caesar’s English 1

CAP Narrative (2 and 3)- Doing Fable right now

Kolbe Lit student and Teacher books 4-6 +/or Mensa Reading Challenge List


K12HO 1, Ancients (some fables, etc thrown in)

Geography MP Geo 1 workbook with atlas


Finish any leftover Singapore 5b, Derek Owens PreA/ Alcumus

Hands on Life Science (http://www.qualitysciencelabs.com/life-science-labs/), living books and bunny trails


Lively Latin 2 (will finish LL1 this year)

Logic Liftoff

Khan Programming basics

MP First Start French/ Rosetta Stone (did a soft year of "intro" French in 3rd)


Swim team, 4H and piano lessons.


What's working (or not!) for you this year if you have a fifth grader?



Yikes. I can't believe I've been fussing with this since winter.


My weekly spreadsheet is done for the year, weekly checklist forms are ready, and I refuse to think about it until August. I did detour to sketch out a rough plan to high school to make sure we were on track long-term.


Decided to streamline LA and do double pace Lively Latin 2 + spellwell, CAP W&R and Figuratively Speaking. Added Elemental Science Biology to have a note booking spine for the Life Science portions of BSFU 2 and 3. Went with a slim Ancient Geography workbook. Dropped French and added a Greek Alphabet code cracker. Added DK illustrated Bible for both a religion study and because dd has read much of the reading I had planned for history.


ETA: Drat. I just looked at the QSL Life Science kit again. I must decide today. Not thinking about his anymore.


ETA2: Well, in a complete about face, we are doing CPO Earth Science. Done. I think I have most of the lab supplies, even.

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My oldest is entering 5th grade, so we're embarking on a new adventure. Eek! I tend to use a lot of resources and draw what we need from them, so this list is long! We won't be completing everything I list, but drawing parts from them.


Morning Meeting (M-F) consisting of poetry, read-alouds from My Book House, memory work, and a meeting with me to go over his daily assignments as I work to teach him a bit more independence. We will also do some of our art and music during this time, just not daily. Basically, all of our combined subjects.



Tokyo Shoseki's Mathematics International Grade 5 (M-Th)

Process Skills in Problem Solving (F)

Balance Benders (F)

Mind Benders (F)



Writing & Rhetoric (MT)

Treasured Conversations (WTh)

Paragraph Town (F)



Language Arts

Spelling Plus (M-F)

Grammar Town & Practice Town (T)

Caesar's English I (W)

Building Poems (Th)



So You Really Want to Learn Spanish I (M-F)

Duolingo Spanish App & MindSnacks Spanish App



The Way We Work & Human Anatomy Coloring Book & Cells (MTW of 1st 12 weeks)

Cells & Smithsonian Animal Book (MTW of 2nd 12 weeks)

Botany in 8 Lessons & Eyewitness Plants & Magic and Medicine of Plants (Reader's Digest) (MTW of 3rd 12 weeks)

Nature Connection workbook (Th)

Science in Ancient Civilizations series & Scientists in the Field series (F)



The Human Odyssey with student pages and History Odyssey timeline - ancients (MT)

Kingfisher Atlas of World History & DK Student World Atlas & Mapping the World with Art (W)

A History of US with K12 student pages (ThF)



Children's Book of Music (Th)

Amazon Prime Music

guitar lessons & daily practice



More Than Meet's the Eye: Seeing Art with All Five Senses (1st quarter)

Name That Style: All About Isms in Art (2nd quarter)

Children's Book of Art (3rd quarter)

Drawing Lab (4th quarter)



The Omnivore's Dilemna Young Reader's Edition (TTh of 1st quarter)

It's Perfectly Normal (TTh of 2nd quarter)

What To Do When You Worry Too Much (TTh of 3rd quarter)

Exercise (MWF)



And a HUGE literature list full of classics, modern good books, audiobooks, historical fiction, and literature about scientific topics.

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5th grade plans (excluding stuff we cover as a family):


AO history 1600-1800 (I think this is a combo of Y4 and Y5), bios and lit

Math: waiting to see how she does on placement tests

R&S LA 5

Webster's Speller


Building Thinking Skills and Mind Benders

Exploring America's Musical Heritage

Kipling, Longfellow, Bradstreet and Wheatley

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  • 2 weeks later...

I updated my plans a bit, changing our Spanish and Spelling and clarifying how I use multiple resources by including the days of the week we do them. We start Monday, so I am knee-deep in books trying to make sure I have our first few weeks ready.


We will probably be moving in the next couple of months, too. We've lived here for, wow....thirteen years, so packing and moving will be quite a job. Add an almost-three-year old to the mix and I'm hoping my careful planning helps get us through this first quarter!

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My plans are finally solid!!!



*R&S 7

*finish second half of WWS1

*additional writing assignments on history/science topics

*US literature selections

*finish Figuratively Speaking

*finish MCT's grade 5 poetry



*AOPS Pre-Algebra



*Latin for the New Millenium chapters 7-15

*start working through Henle 1 for extra practice



*Ni Hao Volume 2 and first half of Volume 3



*Plato Science for middle school

*related reading



*Story of US

*other related books/biographies

*Liberty's Kids DVDs

*US Geography workbook


Music/Fine Art




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So, DH is starting a new business and I will be working for it full-time.  Because of that, the kids will all be in a charter school… at least for the first semester.


I'm hoping to do some after schooling with Oak Meadow 5 and perhaps Math Mammoth 5.  OM Language/History is gentle enough, and DS1 is motivated enough, that I think it won't be too much.


I need to figure it out more.  I'm going to hold off on Galore Park Jr. English and Science until the second semester.


I may do some Bravewriter Friday Free Writes, but I'm not sure yet.


We'll continue our Saturday family art lesson with artistic pursuits.


If the charter school is a complete disaster, I suppose DS1 could homeschool with me at work, but that would be really difficult in the early months.

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My 5th grade plans starting in a little over a week!!


Math u see

Essentials in writing

Abeka language

BJU reading

BJU spelling

Sonlight science

Story of the world 3


I would rather do the BJU distance learning this year with her, like last year, but money prohibits that. She is the type of child that it works so well for. Oh well :)

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To expand on/add to my previous post, partly so I can come back and refer to it so I remember what my plan is...


Singapore Math: a little behind, just started 4A; hoping to get through 4A & 4B in 2-3 months.

Key to Fractions: about halfway or more through book 2. Will start Key to Decimals after SM 4A before beginning 4B.

Adapted Mind (adaptedmind.com) if we can remember to use it.


I need to get her caught up/excelling in math, so here's the order:


SM 4A textbook & workbook, concurrent with Key to Fractions book 3 (2 is done).

Key to Decimals book 1

SM 4B textbook & workbook

Key to Fractions book 4

SM 5A textbook & workbook

Key to Decimals book 2

Key to Percents book 1

SM 5B textbook & workbook

Key to Percents book 2


I don't know how much of this she can get done in a year; it's a lot. We go year-round now, mostly math & LA in the summer, so that will help. I love, love, love the Key to books. They're not difficult, but it teaches the material thoroughly.

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Loved all the info in here.  My son was in school for half a year last year so I feel like we lost so much time.  It's been hard planning not wanting to put too much pressure to catch up the time we lost.  Here is what we are going to attempt :-)


History/Reading/Art/Poetry:  BYL grade 5 (Early US history)

Geography:  US States and capitals

Writing:  WWS and Writing Strands

Math:  Math Mammoth 6 and suppliment with AOPS Pre-Algebra

Grammar:  Grammar Voyage

Science:  Time 4 Learning HS Biology plus human anaotomy and lots of disections and labs

Electives:  Piano Certificate of merit level 3, Programming, and Rosetta Stone French

PE: EMH sports, lots of hiking and mountain biking

Super excited to start on the 25th!

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Like others, I came back and looked and discovered I had changed a lot when it came down to it!  I waited til the convention this year to make up my mind on a lot of things and it was kind of nice lol... 

We started August 4.

My fifth grader:



Atelier Art Level 6  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Fine Art Studio Painting, Fine Art Studio Sculpting



Considering LLATL Purple.   

CAP Writing & Rhetoric books 2 & 3, maybe start on 4? 

Total Language Plus.  He's doing My Side of the Mountain right now, and has the focus guide to do The Phantom Tollbooth when he finishes it.  We'll see after that if we want to stick with it for this year and beyond.

Wordsmith Apprentice

Daily Grams



I'll be going through SOTW 4 with his younger brother, so he'll listen in on that and add to it WTM 5th Grade History/Ancients



Latin for Children B LFC A.  This kid HATES Latin so we took some time off of it the end of last year, and I told him if he finishes up this book first semester, he doesn't have to do it anymore.  



MUS Epsilon

Family Math + Math on the Menu

Daily Mental Math 5



physics WTM 5th grade science/Biology


Foreign Language:

japanese.  Probably just going to do some stuff online this year. Won't be starting til 2nd semester, once he has finished Latin



Red Herrings and Brain Builders


Bible/World Religions/Ethics

A World of Faith

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study



Evan Moor Antarctica, Europe, and Asia



his reading list for next year: From the Earth to the Moon, Tarzan of the apes (and others), The Dash for Khartoum, The Princess of Mars (and others), Wells Brothers: young cattle Kings, Hospital Sketches, and the Hobbit


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We're basically starting tomorrow, though I'm not sure if it's really "fifth grade" or if it's some weird space between fourth and fifth and fifth will start after our September break.  Whatever.  I got them new erasers so I'm sure it's now fifth to them.


Mostly with our previous plan, but I came up with the idea of doing a short story together a month for a closer read and had them all printed up and bound, so I'm excited about that too.  Marking up texts!  It's like they're big kids.

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So I think I finally have the list for my son age 10:


Math: Art of Problem Solving PreAlgebra

English: Write Source for formal writing, Druidawn for creative writing (online role playing game that does creative writing to level up the characters)

Science: The New Way Things Work, Bridges, Skyscrapers, knex sets, Rock It science (this is a local class)

Social Studies: Various biographies and other books that we will read aloud and discuss (list below)

Art: Draw3d (online art class bought through homeschool buyers co-op)

Foreign Language: Japanese school (on Saturday, classmates are mostly kids of Japanese parents)

Elective: shop class at Tech Shop (local place that gives kids access to 3d printers and all sort of tools)

PE: Swimming Lessons (currently once a week, this may morph into swim team later)


The focus this year is on math, writing and Japanese. I fully intend to get everything else done, but those are the things that I feel we MUST get done each day. My goal is to spend three to four hours a day on school and then the rest of the time on projects and other fun stuff.


Book list: The Light in the Forest, Mara Daughter of the Nile, A Single Shard, King Arthur and His Knights of the around Table, Bronze Bow, The Sign of the Beaver, The Apple and the Arrow, The Apothecary, Heart of a Samurai, The Midwife's Apprentice, others as time permits... I will most likely let him choose the book we read from the list since I do not particularly have a set order. Also substitutions are likely...

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