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Update ... My father just left to take mother...

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... to the Emergency Room in hopes of getting her some oxygen since she is having difficulty breathing.  She is having a much better day than she did yesterday, but just can't breathe.  Obviously the doctors aren't in today so....



Update: They are keeping her in the hospital for a few days.  She has fluid on her lungs and an enlarged heart.  Does anyone know anything about enlarged hearts?  What exactly does that mean and how does it effect the person with it?

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Does she have high blod pressure? Cardiomegaly has numerous causes, but HBP is the most common. It's a symptom, not a disorder, so she will need to visit a specialist once she is relased. Treatment depends on the cause, but likely she is being given diuretics, ace inhibitors, or beta blockers.


The fluid builds up in the body since the heart cannot adequately pump blood through the body, which is why there is fluid in her lungs.


She will feel much better once the docs get the fluid out of her lungs.

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