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Biblioplan questions...

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Hi, I am just about decided on Biblioplan, but unsure which components to utilize. I am absolutely determined to use SOTW for a spine, but needed something to add in the Bible/Church aspect to it. Biblioplan seems to fit the bill. However, I really do not want to use their companion, but would utilize the Journey Through The Bible and other titles scheduled to cover that portion. If you have used this curriculum, can you tell me if we really need the companion as a spine...are we missing something that links these if we don't? I had contacted Biblioplan and they said we don't absolutely need the Companion, but I wanted to hear it from those who have used it.  Thanks!


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I used Biblioplan one year and loved that it scheduled Story of the World, we ended up dropping it in favor of just doing Story of the World. However, it was a nice program just not for us. I hardly ever used the companion, maybe I should have? We just used the schedule and sometimes the writing prompts provided but otherwise we just read the SOTW portion and read the read aloud or literature portion as well.


HTH. What year are you interested in? I have Early American History that you could have. Let me know.

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