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Are you afraid of spiders?


Are you afraid of spiders?  

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  1. 1. Are you afraid of spiders?

    • Yes, very much so and all of them
    • Only the really big ones or gross ones
    • Not afraid of them, just don't like them
    • Not afraid of them at all and don't mind them either
    • Other

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We went hiking once and when we stopped to rest at the peak we were surprised to see a tarantula walk by. It was pretty cool and something I never thought I'd see in the wild.


We saw one in the wild once too. Actually, all of us adults/older kids would have missed it.  My youngest "bio-loving" kid found it and called us all over to take a look.  It was a pretty neat experience.  That chap is REALLY good at finding things/critters that the vast majority of people (including us) miss.  He's a born naturalist and definitely made me a believer that "naturalist" is a category of multiple intelligences even though it didn't make the "first cut" from the theory.

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I don't like spiders (or snakes). I like to look at either in the wild from a distance...where they couldn't possible jump up and get me. We have found numerous black widow spiders around our house so even small black ones freak me out a little now whereas before I wasn't really bothered by the smaller ones too much. 

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I can't believe people are okay with daddy long legs!!! Those are the worst! All those legs! *shudder*....yes, I realize the number of legs, but there is something about them that I find even more creepy and terrifying than other spiders.


My oldest feels this way. Daddy longlegs are probably the most benign spiders in existence, but she runs screaming from them. We have lots in our yard, and they like to hang out in my garden beds. They're my friends!


Generally, no. But we had a HUGE influx of barn spiders this year, and those things are SCARY looking!!!  And they were everywhere outside (thank goodness) our house.  We all got in the habit of waving our arms in front of us as we walked around.




We went camping this summer, and there was a wooden pavilion-type building where we spent a lot of time hanging out. A barn spider was building a web in one junction, and I swear every single one of us walked through it at some point. That poor spider rebuilt that web so many times--we finally hung something from that spot so people would go around it. From all over the camp site, periodically you'd see someone shrieking and flailing and you'd know they walked through that darn web.

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I never use the word "afraid". . . I say phobic. Very, very phobic. We pay the pest company $450 a year to give us seasonal out door treatment and indoor if we see anything.


Living on the East Coast. . . worth every dime. The "garden spiders" here should be called Gianatulas.



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