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Explode the Code scope and sequence?

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I'm looking for a workbook to supplement DS4's phonics, but the scope/sequence for ETC is a bit vague (the one I found, anyway). It says Book 1 is consonant review and short vowels?


He knows his letter sounds and blends two letter blends very well (CV blend); he's progressing nicely into CVC words. He does NOT know long vowels or short E and we haven't tried CC blends.


Would I buy Book 2 or Book 3?

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If you look at the table of contents for each book on, it gives you a more detailed breakdown. You would definitely want to go with book two rather than book three, because book two does a very good job with consonant blends. In fact, you might even want to start with book one to get him used to the format and get hi solid on Cvc words and short e before moving on.

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I would start with Book 1. The consonant review is just 3 pages at the beginning. You then move into cvc lessons for the rest of the book.


Book 2 works with ccvc and cvcc words. 


Book 3 works with long vowels(silent e and one-syllable ending in vowel), sh, th, ch, wh, ng, ck, tch, ee-ea, ai-ay, oa-ow.


ETA: If he flies through Book 1, you could skip Book 2. There isn't much new there for a kid who gets it. I did that with one of mine. But I wouldn't want to jump into 2 in your situation.

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Here is the S&S for all the books.  I copy and pasted from my file because I can't remember where I found it.  lol



Explode the Code Scope & Sequence:

Get Ready for the Code, Book A

Consonants b, f, k, m, r, t

Get Set for the Code, Book B

Consonants d, h, j, n, p, s

Go for the Code, Book C:

Consonants c, g, l, q, v, w, x, y and z

Explode the Code Books 1 & Book 1 1/2

Consonant Review Short Vowel Sounds

Explode the Code Book 2 & Book 2 1/2:

Initial and Final Consonant Blends

Explode the Code Book 3 & Book 3 1/2:

Long Vowels, including silent-e, Digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch, ng, ck) Trigraphs (tch) Vowel digraphs (ee-ea, ai-ay, oa-ow)

Explode the Code Book 4 & Book 4 1/2:

Compound Words Common Endings (-ful, -ing, -est, -ed, -ness) Syllable Types (open, closed, ending in -y and -le, diphthong, and three-syllable words)

Explode the Code Book 5 & Book 5 1/2:

Word Families (all-alk, old-olt-oll, ild-ind, qu words) Three-letter blends (thr, shr, scr, str, spr, spi) Diphthong -ey Three sounds of -ed

Explode the Code Book 6 & Book 6 1/2:

R-controlled vowels (ar, or, er, ir, ur) Diphthongs (oo, oi-oy, ou-ow, au-aw, ew-ui-ue-ou) Vowel Digraphs (ea, ie, igh)

Explode the Code Book 7:

Soft c and g Silent Consonants

Word Patterns (ear, ei, eigh) Digraph ph

Explode the Code Book 8:

Advanced Suffixes and Endings

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