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For those who use Saxon Algebra 1, what do you use for Geometry?

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For DS, we knew he would be heading to public high school for 9th grade, so we used Saxon Geometry after Algebra 1.  This set him up to merge nicely into the traditional public school track here with Algebra 2.  He has done very well and definitely had a head start when he got to trig with all the extra geometry practice.


For DD, Saxon Geometry as well since I already had it on the shelf.  At that point, she asked for "something different", so we switched publishers and are using Foerster's Algebra 2.  DD has been fairly happy with it.


After this, we will probably do a year of pre-Calc with Foerster, then move on to Calculus.  I have two Calculus books here - Stewart and Larson, so I am not sure which one we will use (both have strengths).  Well, actually I have 4-5 calculus books - they seem to breed like rabbits! - but those are the two that I would probably choose for DD.


If we hadn't used Saxon Geometry for DD, I would have probably used Jacobs.

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My ds is using Saxon Algebra 1 currently.  He will use Jacob's Geometry for 8th grade and Saxon Algebra 2 for 9th.  After that, I don't know.  Maybe Saxon Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus) in 10th.  I'll have to see where we are living at the time (military) and what sort of dual enrollment they offer, if any.  I took Pre-Cal as a dual enrollment class, so I'd rather my son be able to do than that take it just for a high school credit.  If he can get Calculus out of the way as well, that'd be great.  


I'm kind of scared to start thinking that my boy is getting close to high school age!

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My understanding of Saxon Math is that geometry is incorporated into the program so that it is not necessary to do it separately.  My girls have just started Advanced Math and they certainly did senior geometry in Algebra 2 and it continues on into Advanced Math.

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I think this is an excellent explanation about the Saxon math track from Art Reed, (the DVD guy). He is the link to the whole article: http://www.usingsaxon.com/newsletterpage-2012.php It's the April 2012 article. I've referred to it myself about a million times, LOL!!



"FAST MATH TRACK: Math 76 - Algebra 1/2 - Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 - Geometry with Advanced Algebra - Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus - Calculus. NOTE: The Saxon Advanced Mathematics textbook was used over a two year period allowing the above underlined two full math credits after completing Saxon Algebra 2. (TOTAL High School Math Credits: 5)


AVERAGE MATH TRACK: Math 76 - Math 87 - Algebra 1/2 - Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 - Geometry with Advanced Algebra - Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. (TOTAL High School Math Credits: 4)


SLOWER MATH TRACK: Math 76 - Math 87 - Algebra 1/2 - Algebra 1 - Introduction to Algebra 2 - Algebra 2 - Geometry with Advanced Algebra. (TOTAL High School Math Credits: 4)





Math 76: Either the hardback 3rd Ed or the new soft cover 4th Ed. (The Math content of both editions is the same)


Math 87: Either the hardback 2nd Ed or the new soft cover 3rd Ed. (The Math content of both editions is the same)


Algebra 1/2: Use only the 3rd Edition. (Book has the lesson reference numbers added)


Algebra 1: Use only the 3rd Edition. (Book has the lesson reference numbers added)


Algebra 2: Use either the 2nd or 3rd Editions. (Content is identical. Lesson reference numbers dded to the 3rd Ed)


Advanced Mathematics: Use only the 2nd Edition: (Lesson reference numbers are the solutions manual, not in the textbook)


Calculus: Either the 1st or 2nd Edition will work. However, if the student uses my DVD tutorials they will need the 2nd Edition textbook.





Math 76: Record "Sixth Grade Math."


Math 87: Record "Pre-Algebra."(If student must also take Algebra 1/2, then use "Seventh Grade Math")


Algebra 1/2: Record "Pre-Algebra."


Algebra 1 & Algebra 2: Self explanatory.


Advanced Mathematics: Record "Geometry with Advanced Algebra" (1 credit) only complete the first 60 - 70 lessons. Record "Trigonometry and Pre-calculus" (1 credit) if they have completed the entirety of the Advanced mathematics textbook.


Under no circumstances should you record the title "Advanced Mathematics" on the student's transcript as the universities will not know what math this course containsananda they will ask you for a syllabus for the course.


Calculus: Self explanatory."


Sorry, I cannot make the cool quote feature work on my ipad. :-)

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My oldest used Saxon from 54 through Algebra 2.  She liked the Saxon approach and it was a good fit for her.  BUT, she needed more geometry instruction.  She just needed more words, more examples, more problems.  Unfortunately, I didn't discover this until the end of Algebra 2.  We tried to go directly to Adv. Math but it just didn't work.  She still needed to better understand the geometry from previous Saxon texts before she could move on to Adv. Math.  Even though Adv. Math would have completed her geometry if she stayed the course, she just didn't grasp the concepts.  Again, she needed more instruction or a different approach. 


We used BJU Geometry from about April through the summer between her 10h and 11th grade years.  I wish I could tell you we used BJU for some great and lofty intellectual reason.  But, really, I used BJU because I found the student book at a used booksale for $5 and the TM for $10 with the tests thrown in for free.  It was in great condition and a bargain I just couldn't pass up!  It was just what dd needed.  By that point in Saxon, she was about 2/3 (IMHO) through a "traditional" geometry program.  Using BJU gave her the extra words and explanations she needed and also allowed her to finish Geometry in the summer.  We picked up Lial's PreCalculus for her junior year and she did fine with that book. 


Another family I know has used Life of Fred Geometry and Trig books for a Saxon supplement. 


And, I've know a few who have used Geometry for the Clueless as a supplement. 

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