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I would like to begin my 7th grader in latin

Lenora in MD

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I posted about starting Latin with my 10YO the other day here:




These are the programs I looked at:


Latina Christiana






Getting Started with Latin



I think I am going with GSWL but I will be watching this thread... maybe you'll get more response. :)


I think which program depends on what your goals are too. There was a good thread on that a day or so ago about 'Why teach Latin'...

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Galore Park's Latin Prep. There are samples on their website but if you order most of us use either the Book Depository or Horrible Books


Classical Academic Press' Latin Alive. Samples are on their website.

A con here would be very little in the way of support materials yet.


If you need hand holding with dvds and such, you could go with Latin for Children, I hear the revamped version is better than the old one.

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Many people here use Galore Park's Latin Prep. Other popular courses are Henle and Latin in the Christian Trivium.


I am using a combination of Henle and Lingua Latina w/my dd. Henle is her main text, and LL is currently being used as a reader, although it is a complete program on its own.


I used the Memoria Press guide last year, and will continue using it this year for 8th grade. It worked out really well for my dd. It was just the right pace for her. I will probably speed things up this year.

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You could begin with Henle I:




OR, Latin Prep:




OR, if you want a slower, easier start, you could begin with Latina Christiana I or II:




OR, Latin for Children:




OR, Latin Alive!:




OR, another Latin program! HTH!

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