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MFW Creation to the Greeks -- questions for those using or have used!


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I know it is seems early to start preparing which curriculum to use in Fall 2014, but I got an email recently that the local Homeschool trade show/conference is in March.  So, prior to that, I really want to have most of my curriculum choices nailed down!


Anyways,  this year we are using MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures.  It is going OK, not LOVING it like we did MFW Adventures.  Next in the MFW cycle we would be doing Creation to Greeks.  I will have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, and 1st grader doing the work.  


Questions, what was your opinion of CTG?  Was it fun?  Did kids enjoy it? 

What was the main history text?  DId anyone add MOH or another supplement text for history? 


Did you supplement the science?  We currently are working through the Apologia Zoology books. 

What is the science like in CTG?  


Would CTG be too difficult for a 1st grader???  Or too violent??? (she's very sensitive)






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I'll try a few...  background. I've done CTG twice.  first time oldest was 3rd grade.  next time, oldest was 8th grade middle was 5th and I had a first grader in first grade.   overall I liked ECC, but I get the impression over the years that those who are so so with ECC tend to like the history stuff a little better. that's a generalization. mileage varies. so forth


1. We liked CTG overall.  kids enjoyed food and projects were fun for us. the second time I did ctg, I really enjoyed ctg that year. it was the year we moved to new state and everything was just so doable.

2. I think the main spine is the Old Testament.  then, streams of civ (for parent to teach from), then Ancient World, and then some craft style books... 

3. the science is changing this year to Wile's Science in the Beginning...   I don't think you'll need to supplement that book

4. you'll probably want to consider mfw's first grade for the first grader over CTG as main meat.    a sensitive first grader younger sib might have a lot of the bible not to their liking, and also not enjoy Children's Homer as much.  BUT, there will be plenty of family projects and games from ctg to invite the younger sib to join in.


I have to logoff in mid thought.  sorry


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I'm going to continue, but post in a few posts  :)


There are several threads on Wile's new science book.   But basically, it's a year of general science topics, studied in the order of the creation week.  So, unit 1 (which has 15 lessons) covers topics on light and options (Day 1 of creation week was let there be light).   Unit 2 of the science deals with water and air..   


each unit has 15 lessons, 3 of which are advanced.  It's intro the topic.  Do a quick demo/experiment, discuss the results.  Then you're given a notebooking assignment (there's 3 assignments based on age).  The book is designed in my opinion for about grade 3-6 with younger siblings in mind.   Very ideal book for CTG.   I like that it covers a lot of topics at intro level to spark interest.   I got the book in  August when it was released and my oldest (12th grader) and I had late summer fun working through the experiments and demos together.  we liked it.   We both thought it was good for the suggested age range.   We didn't haven't to scramble to find weird things or supplies.  but we live in the US in major city and easy to get to grocery store.  so it's easy to find stuff.


if the question is: can I leave out the CTG science and keep doing the series I'm doing?  Of course you can.  I'm pretty sure next year with my youngest in CTG, I'll use the Wile book.


if the question is.. what about using Genesis for Kids?  nah...   At times, I feel like I"m the only person who liked that book.  So..  either use what you were wanting to use, or go with Wile book.   

If that brings up how easy is it to use Wile book with older manual from used market?   VERY EASY!   just do it the way the Wile book says to schedule it.   and when you reach a point in CTG where you are doing science from Pyramids... just set down Wile book for a few days and do Pyramids.


can I still use Archimedes and Door to Science? why did mfw take that out?   My guess is it was a time and workload reason that MFW removed it from package.  They told me it's in book bakset now.



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History and Bible:  we liked it.  My middle gal enjoyed her notebooking time.  We had fun with the projects.  My 8th grader got to help her sister with stuff. I was in state of confusion after moving to a new state.  So it was nice to have them work together when they could.  however, due to their levels of academics, I taught the material to middle gal, and we usually taught it after oldest had read it.   It's so much easier to teach the second time from same books in the same day. 


We liked doing scaled back version of the feasts. wanted to share this pic



we did that scaled back version while putting the house on the market to sell. It was fun to do different foods and crafts and activites from what we were studying.  and I rambled way too long on this thread



blush..  no wonder people are sick of my posts.  I get it...


Was there enough for my 8th grader?   Well, she did CTG in 8th and then MFW's AHL in 9th.  and it worked out fine for us.  We focused in 8th grade on other stuff like science, writing, archery, cooking. cleaning...  it was enough in 8th grade.  I know we "could" have done more of the reports that MFW suggests 8th graders do from the chapter openings of Streams of Civ..... 

She was not bothered by it at all to do ancients back to back.  She thought it helped make her 9th grade year a little less stressful since she knew some of it already.  She was stressed with the idea of credits/transcripts and writing essays. ah.. our first kids.. 


that's some of my story using it.


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