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placemats for learning - do you use? make your own?

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I read a post on here a while ago about great ways to secretly teach your kids, and someone had mentioned using placemats at the table. I think this is a brilliant idea that my kids would love, but I'm not loving the options of the ones I'm seeing. Melissa and Doug have several, but they seem kind of busy, and also kind of expensive for the numbers that I'd like to have. (Moderation is not my strong suit :) ). 


Are there sources of placemats that you've loved?


Have you made your own and had them laminated at a copy shop? Were they durable enough? Did dry erase type crayons wipe off of them easily? 

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We love place mat learning.  And we don't just use them as place mats....I have found some good bargains on Amazon if I do the research and dig deep enough.  I find ones I am interested in, keep them in my "save for later" until they have a sale, then purchase them.  I like the pre-made ones because they are usually a lot more durable than ones made in a copy shop, but i guess that would really depend on the copy shop.  We have found some really useful ones that we pull out all the time for reference and drawing all over when trying to make a point or understand a concept, etc.  History, science, math, government, etc.  You just have to really read up on each one.  There was an elements one that looked good until we read the reviews and realized there were two errors on it.  Reading the reviews really helps.  I found these work a lot better than posters in many instances and are frequently cheaper and last longer...

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