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MOH/SOTW questions....

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I hope someone can give some good insight on this for me. I recently began researching MOH and SOTW, and fell in love with the layout/setup of MOH. 

I however have some concerns about what I have seen mentioned elsewhere...is it TOO heavy on Bible/Church history at the expense of other world history that should be taught? When I look at the table of contents, I do kind of get that idea, but since I do not have the book in front of me I cannot see if perhaps there is more material covered in the chapters than what is listed in the table of contents.

I definitly like doing the Bible and church history chronilogically with world history, but not at the sacrifice of it.

I have thought of instead doing SOTW and adding in bible to that, but I really fell in love with MOH and the mapping and activities.


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I have only been homeschooling for a little over a year so keep that in mind....


We have been using the first volume of MOH and dd(11) and I like the short assignments and constant review of material. I have found it to be very heavy on Church history and almost a little dry because it is so factual without any fluff but not "boring". We were reading it as a family after dinner to start with but quickly got off track because someone always has somewhere to be. DH and son, who is not homeschooled, enjoyed it and always comment that we need to start again.


I have supplemented with library books and hands on activities not suggested in MOH. We spent a couple of months studying Egypt and King Tut. I purchased an Ancients Activity book available on Amazon and she made lots of items from that time period - she loved these activities. We will start a more in depth study of Greece, the Olympics and Greek Mythology this month. We will also spend more time on the Romans next year.


I just purchased MOH volume II for next year. BUT I also purchased the 1st and 2nd SOTW books as well. We are going to finish out the year using the second half of book one in addition to MOH. Why-because I want more World History in addition to the church history and I love the story format of SOTW. Next year we will also use both books. My plan is for us to do MOH together as our main resource and then supplement with reading from SOTW on her own. The stories are short and engaging. Will it work or be too much-who knows at this point.


Glancing through MOH volume II and it doesn't appear that there is as much church history as in Volume I. I picked up used books this go around and kept the cost down. I will likely get the pdf of MOH worksheets for next year. I have liked the ease of having them this year.


We have really liked MOH but I wanted more. This may be because I, personally, have enjoyed history so much more than I did when I was in school. I have been soaking it in and reading on my own time. Hope this helps....

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