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Oh no, the SOTW 1 lapbook making video is gone!!!


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Does anyone know how I can get to it?  It used to be at that awesome SOTW focused blog http://runofthemillfamily.blogspot.com/ 

But the blog is gone.  I have the pdfs saved, but I am not clear about the instructions on the minibook for ch. 19, and there was a wonderful video on that blog where she explains the lapbook in detail including the components that are difficult to make. 

I found Susan's video on youtube, but that one doesn't go over any minibook making instructions.


Does anyone know how I can find this video, and if not, can someone explain to me how to glue the circles together for ch.19, because the directions are super confusing.

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Oh no, I bet some people will be pretty disappointed that her blog is gone. I am so glad I downloaded the things I needed for SOTW 2. She only did the first part of SOTW 2, the rest (and a lapbook for SOTW 3) are at this blog...




For Chapter 19...fold all the circles in half. Glue the back of the right side of the M circle to the back of the left side of the B circle. Then glue them to the inside of the folded blank circle. (So the left side of the M circle and the right side of the B circle get glued to the blank circle.) It makes a little book in the shape of a half circle. The title goes on the outside front. Does that help?

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Thank you so much!  Knowing that the final book is a half circle, helps a lot.  I think I know what to do now:).   Would you mind sending me the pdfs for SOTW 2?  We are not there yet, but if her blog is gone for good, I don't know where else to find them.  I'm going to pm you.  Thanks again!


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