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please comment on Singapore's Discovering Mathematics

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Not sure where to post this because this program spans middle school and high school, but I would love to hear from people who have liked and disliked this program and why.

I like it because it is integrated, and has the problems sorted by difficulty in the workbook so my son can just work on the harder ones. It also appears to be direct teaching (in contrast to the discovery approach aops uses), but the harder workbook problems are still very difficult, which I need. But I have never seen these books so feel like I am guessing.

Any comments would be incredibly helpful,


Ruth in NZ

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My DD12 and I really like the program so far. We are almost done with 7A. I say we b/c I do most of the lessons with her. Since I've been away from Algebra for many years and have two more kids coming up behind her, I want to work through every lesson myself. The explanations/teaching is all directed to the student is very straightforward and clear. Discovery method would not go over well with this student. Within the teaching section are examples and TryIt problems. Following that are the Exercise problems, which increase in difficulty. Normally my DD will work through every other problem in the first two sections of the text called Basic Practice and Further Practice. If she has difficulty we review the Examples and she can work through the ones she skipped, otherwise she moves on to the Math@Work and BrainWorks problems. I love that every problem has a fully worked out solution in the Teaching Notes and Solutions Manual. We are looking forward to starting the first of the geometry chapters after Christmas break.

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My older hated it. She hated the fact that she was asked to make mental leaps, creative leaps, that hadn't been taught. She felt that wasn't fair. She's great at math, but didn't like that approach.


My younger is thriving on it, for all the reasons my older hated it. She loves to sit and ponder the harder problems, for days if necessary, and woe unto him or her who tells her the answer before she gets it! She loves the creative problem-solving.


As for me, I feel a little hesitant about committing to such a nonstandard sequence (what if she wants to switch curricula in the middle?), but I love seeing her so happy with math.

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