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Spelling - 3rd grade boy - want to start this year

Guest njsabol

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Guest njsabol

Hi, I would like to start my 3rd grader son on a spelling program this year. I am visiting family and left my Well-Trained Mind at home! Can anyone give me the names of the suggested programs from the book?


Also, any suggestions from those of you with boys who started spelling in 3rd grade would be appreciated.




Natalie Sabol

(this is my first post, don't know what the proper etiquette for signing is!)

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Check out http://www.welltrainedmind.com/academic-excellence-grades-k-4/ for recommendations from the 2003 Well Trained Mind book.


As for spelling, I have been very happy with Apples and Pears from sound foundations.  It's scripted, which I find useful... and just what my 9 yr old daughter needed.  She tested into level B - which is probably about 3rd grade.  Rod and Staff Spelling and Sequential Spelling get mentioned a lot here too.



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The WTM recommends Spelling Workout as one program.

I used it with my son in 1st and 2nd grade.

If your child is a natural speller, SWO will work okay.

Although I'd argue that if your child is a natural speller, they may not even need a formal spelling program.



In 3rd grade I switched to All About Spelling and started in Level 1.

He's in 6th grade now and we're just finishing up level 5 of AAS.

It has been a wonderful fit for him and has helped tremendously.


Remember that recommendations are just that. What works for one family may not work for another. If a program isn't a good fit, don't hesitate to switch.


But I wouldn't recommend Spelling Workout.

I love AAS.

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I started my 8 year old this year in Logic of English.  I love it, he loves it….it's a win win! :thumbup1:   Most importantly though, I have seen a marked improvement in his reading/spelling.   I did not buy all of the extras though,  just the "must haves" and it is working fine.  The only thing I would have done differently is buy the pdf version of the workbook.  I don't really like the texture of the paper, and I have more children I want to use the program with.  


Hope that helps!  :001_smile:

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OK, I'll just add in yet another recommendation.  We use How To Teach Spelling and the workbooks How To Spell.  HTTS book is for the teacher and the workbooks are for the kids.  I like this program b/c it goes through the rules of spelling and syllabication rules.  It's very straight forward and does not take long to do.  I use a composition book so one workbook can be used for two children.  There is dictation of word phrases and sentences for review (and the sentences/phrases combine the current lesson with previous lessons) so using a composition book is really helpful.   I'd start with level 2.  I like it because it is NOT based on a list of words to learn for the week.


We've been using this program for two years and it has worked really well for us and we will continue to use it.  I like it because I am learning"why" things are spelled the way they are.  There are lessons on "sight words" as well.  You'll find that it looks intimidating but the best way to figure it out is to just start with the first page in the workbook and go from there.  It's really simple to use.

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