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Botany Curriculum for 6/7 Yr old


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I'm beginning to planning next year :)  I know, its early, but I like to purchase/plan in the Spring and let my Summer be a break.


Anyways, we studied animals all year this year so I thought I'd finish of the "life sciences" next year.  I'm comfortable creating my own Anatomy and Nutrition/First Aid units but I'm drawing a blank on Botony.  My copy of WTM is old, and I find I get better suggestions here anyways.  


So what botony curriculum did you love?  Or do you have an outline or amazing spine that I could build off of?  I'm hoping for 12-20 weeks focused on plant life.    

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I using part of Seed Babies and all of Little Wanderers for my 6/7 year old's Botany study this year. Also some of the activities from Berries, Nuts, and Seeds.


This is actually the science curriculum for first grade developed by KFamily here on the boards from her A Mind in the Light blog.


I reworked her schedule a little bit because I wanted to focus on animals for the first 18 weeks and focus on botany for the last 18 weeks. 


I can email you my modified schedule if you are interested.

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hmmm....where to start?


Montessori Botany Album: http://khtmontessori.com/shop/botany-teachers-manual-pdf/

Ellen J McHenry Botany: http://store.ellenjmchenry.com/?product_cat=botany

Ellen's Free Botany materials: http://www.ellenjmchenry.com/homeschool-freedownloads/lifesciences-games/botany.php

Botany Adventure: http://cathyduffyreviews.com/science/botany-unit-study.htm

TOPS Science (Radishes, Corn & Beans): http://www.topscience.org

Nature Explorers Books: http://shiningdawnbooks.com/

Guest Hollows Botany: http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/science/botany/botany_curriculum.html


These are all varied age groups, but if you like to make your own units, them ones for older kids might also provide ideas for you to use, so thought I would include them,

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