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great neighbour story

Melissa in Australia

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We have some great neighbors. The one couple right beside us are retired and as the man has detraining health  ( because of a lifetime of smoking) he has been asking my boys more and more often if they could go over and give him a had with things like collecting firewood and things like that. Yesterday he asked DH if ds17 could go over and bury a long irrigation pipe for him. ds17 and ds16 went over this morning and buried it for him.


While they were burying the pipe neighbor came over and had a quick chat with Dh, then he went and gave ds17 a Ute . :hurray: Neighbour had put a rebuilt motor in it, but  it needs some bodywork before it is roadworthy. Neighbour would like to teach ds17 how to do the bodywork :hurray: ( neighbor was a mechanic before retiring).


Ds is so excited, he has been saving up for a ute for a while. He will get his license in a few weeks when he turns 18.

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