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I spent hours on this so sharing makes sense.  Not all have been confirmed to accept homeschoolers.


The Constitutional-American Freedom                                                  Sept-Oct


Philcon-Science Fiction                                                                                  Oct 10   


VFW-Voice of Democracy                                                                            Nov 1


VFW-Patriots Pen                                                                                            Nov 1


First Freedom                                                                                                    Nov 18


Princeton Poetry Contest                                                                             Nov 29


NRA Legal Defense Fund                                                                              Dec 1


Fleet Reserve Association-The Bill of Rights and Me                         Dec 1


HSLDA                                                                                                                   Dec 1


We the People-Bill of Rights Inst.                                                              Dec 6


Letters about Literature                                                                                                Dec 10


Ronald Reagan                                                                                                  Dec 15


Fire-Free Speech                                                                                             Jan 1


JFK Profile in Courage                                                                                    Jan 6


Indiana Civil Rights (MLK)-Art, writing, multimedia                            Jan 8


Scholastic-Art, writing, photo, etc.                                                           Jan 8


Odd Con – science fiction                                                                             Jan 15




National Right to Life                                                                                      Jan 22


World War II Museum                                                                                   unknown-check in Jan for info


Neuroscience for Kids-poetry                                                                    Feb 1


Purdue University-creative writing                                                          Feb 15


Air Force Museum                                                                                           Feb 17   (closes at 250)


Holocaust Museum                                                                                         Feb 2015 -not being held in 2014                                                                          


Patrick Henry                                                                                                     Feb ? No info yet


HSLDA-Poetry                                                                                                   Spring (info not yet posted)


Society of Professional Journalists                                                            March 7


Princeton University Ten Minute Play                                                     March 31


Signet Classics-Beowulf                                                                                 April 14


American Foreign Service Assoc.                                                                               April 15


Ayn Rand-Fountainhead                                                                                               April 26


Civil War Trust-Essay or Postcard                                                               May 1


Jane Austin                                                                                                         May 15


IUPUI Poetry                                                                                                     May 31



Essay Scholarship                                                                                             June 14



The Concord Review                                                                                      Ongoing


Oratory Contests


National Right to Life     Deadline Dec/Jan?                                           April              



American Legion              Deadline to register Nov.                             Jan 18




American Legion-Americanism Test                                                         Nov



Virtual Supreme Court                                                                                   Sept


Fantasy Scotus                                                                                                  Sept







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