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positive change in NCAA academic status

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I checked ds's NCAA account today and found that his Academic Status has changed from 'decision not yet available' to 'early academic qualifier'.  They have listed all the courses they considered.  Ds has taken many classes at CC and a few at PS, but I filled out 6 core course worksheets for those taken at home or through a private teacher.  Here they are:

English 9 (Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings at home)

English 10 (High School Composition through Laurel Tree Tutorials)

Geometry (Discovering Geometry by Michael Serra at home)

American History ( through History at our House with NO textbook)

Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine (through Landry Academy) - ignored

Java (through Potter's School) - ignored


I did not create a separate transcript for the NCAA.  I sent the same one that I sent to colleges.  I did hand write the first day of 9th grade on the transcript because I thought I read somewhere that it had to be included, though I can't find that direction anywhere at the moment.


It's all falling into place.  :thumbup:


To those who are interested:  I called NCAA a few weeks ago to ask about when decisions would be made.  They told me that fall sports are evaluated first, then winter, then spring.  Athletes with NLIs are evaluated before those without NLIs.  Athletes on Institutional Request Lists are evaluated before those not on IRLs.

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Sue, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and energy you've devoted to documenting this process for those of us who will be facing this in the future!


I'm also relieved to hear that they accepted your American History course without requiring a textbook! Even though we are mostly using primary sources and TC courses for American History, I grudgingly downloaded an eBook version of a standard HS text, just so I could have something to appease NCAA — glad to hear it may not be necessary! Can I ask what you included on your worksheet for that course? Also, how did you handle the online courses? Did you list yourself as the "teacher of record"? 


Thanks again so much for the invaluable information — and congratulations to your son!



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I was very tempted to list a textbook for the course, but I knew I had enough "evidence" to appease any rational person.  Along with the core course worksheet, I included the course syllabus which showed that there were 6 exams and a final exam.  I am confident that if they ever asked for one of the exams they would have been thoroughly impressed because they were 4 pages with mostly questions with paragraph answers.  I listed Scott Powell as the teacher because he was the teacher.  I graded the exams (he provided a key for 9th grade), so I listed myself in that box.


For all the online courses, I listed the private teacher as the teacher.  Most did the grading as well.  In the Homeschool Administrator Statement, I listed who taught the course, evaluated the coursework, awarded grades, and issued credit.  It was different for different classes.  I issued credit for all the classes. 


On my school profile for the common app, I had a section for educational partners where I listed myself and all private teachers along with their degrees and schools.  It's clear that they are qualified to teach.


I am happy to share all my core course worksheets, school profile, hs administrator stmt, transcript, etc.  Just send me a PM with your email address.

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