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Bible for kindergarden


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I am looking for a Bible curriculum that is cheap for my kindergardener and pre-schooler.  We just finished rod and staff and they really enjoyed it and it was simple for me to use or my ds 9 to do with them.  It was just a Bible story with coloring page.  Looking for something similar.  Any ideas?  Thanks

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Mine LOVED the Golden Children's Bible. We read it every day and they would take turns narrating sections back to me. It was so simple but I think that is one of their favorite memories of hsing.


No coloring page, but this is what we do. My more artsy kid(s) choose something we have read about & draw a picture of it. Theoretically, you could even write a sentence of their narration on the bottom or back of the page. (Mine weren't interested in both drawing & narrating. We've done one or the other.) At the end of the year, they had their own illustrated bible stories book. My current K'er just listens & picks one thing to 'tell me about' when  we are done for the day. "Bible" is one of his favorite activities. The other kids like to listen in, even though they've heard it so many times before.


I have another thing (Bible Stories to Read & Bible Pictures to Color) -- but I went to look & it is a Rod & Staff publication! So, probably what you just used.  :blush:

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