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If you have read "Rickshaw Girl," listen to this

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Rickshaw Girl is about a young girl who wants to help her poor family earn money, so she disguises herself as a boy so she can drive her father's rickshaw.  It's a really cute story.  I don't remember how I heard about it, but I have seen it in threads here and there.  



Anyway, NPR just did a story on two Bangladeshi sisters working in the garment industry.  I let my kids listen to it because it brought to life some of the issues addressed in the book, including social customs, poverty, and economic opportunities available to young women.  It was really a lot more interesting than I'm making it sound. :)


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Thanks for the links! :)


For those who are interested in pursuing this topic more, a book for older children with a more harsh/realistic portrayal of similar situations is the book The Breadwinner and the 2 sequels (for ages 11 and up).


You may also find the movie Baran interesting (probably more of interest for ages 11 or 12 and up, but younger children may be able to hang with it, too, if they aren't expecting American stories and editing styles). Beautifully shot, with little dialogue, and more of a slow visual reveal rather than fast-paced, explained-storyline. An Afghani refugee family in Iran; the father is injured, and the oldest child, a girl, disguises herself as a boy in order to find work.


The end reminded me just a little bit of a (sad) Cinderella story.


Also, the Arabic girl-disguised-as-boy heroine of Baran (that's her name), plus similarity of name, reminded me of the book, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons, set in the golden age of Arabia, where Buran, one of 7 daughters, disguises herself as a successful merchant to help her father, and simultaneously turns the tables on the lazy/greedy/prideful 7 sons of the neighbor who scorned her father.

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