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English and Maths programs for Kindergarten and Grade 2?

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I am trying to set a pattern for my dds  in kindergarten and Grade2, I want to know What are the popular english, maths and science programs to put in their after school routine? Is conventional worksheet method works with young kids or online programs do wonders for that age? We do take trips to library once in 2 weeks, they are in  doing couple of sports activities (after school) and 1 hour of TV time almost everyday. I want to be involved with their teacher in class, but need direction into that as how to be involved? All ideas appreciated. And we are in Canada, hence following Canadian curriculam. Appreciate response from all. Thanks!!

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The sky is the limit and you have your pick of any homeschooling curriculum that looks like it could be fun.  Did any of Jenn's resources on her blog resonate with you?


For math, my kids like living math books (Sir Cumference from the library and so forth), educationunboxed.com, Singapore, and Life of Fred.


For science:  Magic School Bus DVDs, Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs from library, Let's Read and Find Out Series from the library and Magic School Bus Science Kits


The only thing we do that's "English" is First Language Lessons and occasionally play with scrabble tiles.


It took me a year to figure out what works for us and another year to figure out what curriculum put a sparkle in everyone's eyes at this house.  Good luck figuring out what works in yours.  :)

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There isn't any usual curriculum for after schooling, but a lot of us like Singapore Math. Evan-Moor workbooks are an easy way to work on skills too. You can subscribe to Evan-Moor's Teacher Filebox through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for $70/year. I have a Kindergartener who is using materials between k-2, and those are in my signature. My son's school starts kind of late and he loves doing schoolwork, plus he's fast, so we actually do a lot. Thankfully his kindergarten is pretty gentle and includes a lot of play time.


I volunteer in the classroom one day a week for 3 hours. I read with kids individually and sometime prep materials for the teacher (copying, assembling books, etc.). I tell him I am there to make his job easier. My time overlaps with his prep period, so we often chat. He knows that I respect his work and consider him a partner in the effort to educate my kid. He also knows why I work with my kid on my own and what kinds of things I am generally doing. It has been a very good way to build a relationship with the teacher. He has taken my suggestions about how to handle issues that come up and I have used some of his strategies at home. My son LOVES having me help out!

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Thanks for your responses everyone!


Winter - I checked out the educationunboxed website and the concept of cuisenaire rods seem very interesting. I gather it can be used for maths learning as well as language learning.  Since you recommended those, I am guessing you may already tried those? It would be great if you can share your experience with how you went about approaching those with your kids.


I will be checking out the other suggested options as well in the meanwhile. 


Thanks again!!

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