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looking for very mildly flavored toothpaste

AngieW in Texas

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My 15yo is looking for a very mildly flavored toothpaste.


All the mint flavors she has tried burn her mouth. She wouldn't go near cinnamon.


She has been using Tom's of Maine strawberry for a very long time, but she said that it just doesn't make her mouth feel clean. She has tried all the "kids" flavored toothpastes and Tom's of Maine is the only one that has worked for her. The others taste too much like candy to her.


Does anybody have a suggestion for a very mildly flavored toothpaste? It can be mint or spearmint or something else, but it has to be very mild.




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I use the Tom's of Maine mango flavor.  I have to get in on Amazon because I haven't seen it in a store.  I HATE mint, so it was this amazing revelation that brushing my teeth didn't have to be painful.  And my mouth still feels brushed and clean afterwards.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the strawberry one a kids toothpaste?  The mango one is a grownup toothpaste with all the fluoride and whatever else differentiates it.

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