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Prayers please for my mom.....Update 226

Robin M

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Please pray for my mom and dad. My mom had a brain aneurysm and has been care flighted to las vegas. Friends are driving my dad there. Seriously doubt she is going to pull through this as she said the next time anything happened she was done. All I can do is wait for my dad to get there and call me. Wishing I could hop on a plane this very second, but have to wait. I really hate this.

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Mom has a subarachnoid bleed which is bleeding between the brain and the tissue.  They are doing something to drain and relieve the pressure, hopefully find out where the bleed is coming from. First 72 hours the most critical. She's heavily sedated.  Doctors are saying once stabilized will have to stay in hospital complete bed rest 21 days.   Prior to this, mom had pretty much decided that no matter what happened health wise, the next time anything happened,  she wanted to go into hospice and be done with it.  The doctors are saying that isn't an option and she doesn't have a say so at the moment since unconscious.   We are all prepared for a berating from her when she wakes up.  "what the gd h am I doing here, take me home."  


Sister #3 is already there but won't be able to stay for long.   I called my brother (the estranged one) and he and his wife immediately headed out. When I told my dad he was coming, he cried. Don't know if that was good or bad or how this is going to work out since they haven't spoken in a year.  At the most it will give bro time to say goodbye or have some closure with the folks.  I can't go because I have a miserable head cold or would be on a plane already.  If she takes a turn for the worse, then I'll go no matter what.  Sister #2 is packing up and getting ready to head out which takes the load off.   I'm coordinating with Sister#1 because if we are in this for the long haul, dad will need help for the whole time.  We always maintain 24 hour coverage for mom while she's in the hospital.  


Thank you everyone and  :grouphug:

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