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I want to know about MCT!!


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I looked into MCT last year but I never really 'got' it... how does it work?  

Do we have to get all the different books?  Grammar Island and everything else in level 1 (or whatever)?  Or is it standalone?  If we did have to get the other stuff, would that take the place of anything we normally do or would it take all those books just to have one complete grammar program?

I've seen it and it's piqued my interest, but I couldn't figure out what exactly it WAS or how I was supposed to use it, etc.  



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Have you spent time looking at the MCT website? There is a pdf slideshow (called the "Elementary Curriculum Guide") that explains all the different parts of the language arts program and how they should fit together. The Teacher Manual contain the entire text of the Student Books plus discussion points, activities, and teacher's helps. You can buy just the Teacher Manual for everything except Practice Island (where you will need the student book since it is consumable). The "Basic Homeschool Package" has everything you need: Grammar Island TM, Practice Island TM & student book, Building Language TM, Sentence Island TM, and Music of the Hemispheres TM. 


I have found it to be a complete language arts program. It includes grammar, vocabulary, writing, and poetry. We also do an additional "Writing Block" where I teach my kids the writing process, so we are doing additional writing here. We also follow our own literature studies rather than using the MCT literature series (which is an add-on rather than a part of the primary program). Many people use an additional writing program along with MCT or simply do additional writing assignments. Some people also supplement MCT with additional instruction in mechanics. We haven't found that to be necessary, but some people have expressed frustration that MCT does not cover mechanics. It's good to remember that MCT was intended as a language arts program for gifted students starting the program in 3rd or 4th grade. If you start the program with children who don't fit that demographic (much younger, still mastering mechanics, not gifted) then you will probably need to supplement in some areas. MCT is definitely a big picture program. We absolutely love it, but it's not for everyone.


I don't think I really understood the program until I actually ordered it and was able to read through the entire thing. In the interest of helping others who aren't sure, I have actually been loaning my books (the ones we aren't currently using) to other moms who are on the fence about it. Maybe you can ask around locally and see if you know someone who is using the books. There have also been many, many threads on MCT here on the boards if you search through past threads. HTH 

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