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French program which teaches the "why" instead of immersion?

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I'm needing a curriculum which teaches vocab & grammar first, instead of speaking phrases/immersion approach. My dd (junior) is very easily overwhelmed trying to learn a foreign language. She's stated that she needs to understand what the words mean first, before she can use them in phrases/greetings/sentences. We tried The Learnables, Mango and Duolingo- she cannot stand these immersion approaches.


I'm now considering--


First Start French

So You Really Want to Learn French

Breaking the Barrier (ipad version)


I would love feedback on these programs, or a different one is fine, too.


Thank you!



eta- i took french in hs and college, and am confident i can help with year 1....just trying to get her past the intimidating factor at this point. thx...



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