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in hospital - hit by a speeding hit and run last night......

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Broken ribs, hips, possible knee and clavicle. Definite bruised lung. Tremendous pain. Possible surgery.


Saw orthopedist, waiting on trauma dr. Can't breath or move w/o searing pain.


Car totalled as his the truck that hit me on a side street going 80 mph. The passenger of the truck was injured. The driver ran - lterally - away. Don't know if he was caught yet. I have no car, no health insurance, no income while I am here.


It took them 30 minutes to get me out of my car; the back seat was shared by 2 trees! I didn 't have any passengers.


I am glad your head wasn't injured. It sounds as though you've still got a great brain and a sense of humor/perspective. But the bolded stinks, as does the surgery and everything else. I am so sorry!!!

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I'm so, so sorry! What a terrible thing to have gone through. But, it also demonstrates your tremendous strength, because you survived!! I am wishing you pain relief and a complete recovery. Also, I hope that the other driver is quickly caught and brought to justice.

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Oh, Joanne... my gosh, how awful.  I'm so glad your kids weren't with you, but I'm so, so sorry you're in pain and dealing with this.  I am sure they will find the guy, and I hope you take him for all he's worth!!  In the meantime, do talk to the social worker to see what benefits you might be able to get, at least temporarily.  I'm so sorry... please keep us posted on how you're doing.  :grouphug:


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Oh no! First things first, you getting better. So glad the kids weren't with you. The rest will work out. When you see the social worker, ask when you need to get the lawyer. You can sue for hospital expenses, ambulance, car, lost income and pain and suffering.

And, ask for a rib belt, that should help with the pain. Without it, every breath hurts. The belt keeps ribs from moving when you breathe.

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 She's in TX, which is notorious for not providing health insurance to those that need it the most.


Joanne, I hope they can get your pain level down soon.


I think she is near Houston.  If she lives within Harris County, there is a program called the "Gold Card" program which is for low-income residents.  Could someone convey this information to her?  I feel silly because I should assume that she knows about this program; however, just in case she does not, it might be a financial life-saver for her. 

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