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Elegant Essay vs other IEW products

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I looked at The Elegant Essay at a curriculum fair this past summer and somehow, just got the impression I wouldn't like it. It didn't seem very IEW-ish to me (I know, IEW isn't the only way to go, but it has worked for us so far).  I am now coming to the point where I need to think about our next step and I've looked again as much as I can - they have a TOC, etc on the IEW site. I still don't think I'll care for it. Again, I'm not saying it is bad -- I just don't care for what I see of the presentation.


So -- please convince me I'm wrong  ---- or right.


Also, if I don't use TEE, any suggestions on where to go within the IEW family? It seems the other essay program, actually by Padewa, is for practice on short essays assigned on the SAT and ACT.

Then, there is the one (can't recall name) for research papers (written by same author as TEE) and the Advanced Communication Series.


Is the ACS do-able after the Continuation Coarse? Or do I pretty much have to go with something else, emphasizing essays more, before I go there?


And if so, any recommendations?

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Well, I decided against the Elegant Essay as well. We switched over to IEW at the end of last year, and I determined I wanted at least one year of progression through all the units, so we're using the theme Life Science. It's level C, works through all the units, explains what an essay is when we reach unit 7, and walks the student through a super essay. We may very well use Elegant Essay next year, but I've been pleased with the writing my son is producing from Life Science.

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I used EE after using IEW for a few years with my daughter.  


When my DD was 11-years-old, she would cry when I made her write a paragraph.  Thanks to hard work and the IEW program, in her duel enrollment, DD placed into English 102 and she has an A average at mid-term.  DD's instructor told the class today that most of the papers were awful, but my daughter got a 96 on her essay.


Thank you IEW!!!  


I want to add that I really didn't like EE or Windows to the World, but I am so thankful that we worked through them.

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We used IEW for years with mixed reviews/results. It got quite tedious after a couple of years. While browsing at Amazon I found a book called Evergreen by Susan Fawcett and it has been THE book that has resonated and motivated my son more than anything else!!! He truly loves it---and he NEVER, EVER says that about any curriculum. It's actually a book meant for community college, but it walks the student step by step through paragraphs and then the 5 paragraph essay, with exercises to practice right in the book. It's actually exactly what I have been looking for ALL these years---which the homeschool market could never fulfill for me. The homeschool products for the high school level has just been so....juvenile...for my son. This speaks to young adults that are obviously more mature.


That said, he will be finished with this book mid year, so I did go ahead and get IEW Advanced Writing program, as it sounds like there are some good topics addressing writing college level papers and taking notes effectively. We LOVED the High School Essay Intensive.

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We gave EE a shot before they had any sort of teacher manual, and it didn't work for us at all. Instead, I had my dd use High School Essay Intensive. It was short, sweet, and effective.  We also used the Lucille Payne book mentioned above,  The Lively Art of Writing. It was WONDERFUL!! Who would guess that this tiny, older (and cheap!) paperback would be such a gem!   I also appreciate that it was simple for either of my kids (different ages, different abilities) to work through on their own, answer the questions at the end of each section, and then easily review with me. 

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